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What in the World is Marine Biology?

Hayley Williams

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Oceans!

What's in the Ocean? OCEANS! What were looking at today:
The study of life in the Ocean Amazing Animals What do sea creatures eat? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Pollution? Hurts the Ocean :( All the Oceans The Sea Lion wants to know.... Who are they?? Thank you! :) Which ocean
is by us? Correct! Blue Whale
Largest creature to ever live on Earth
Larger than all Dinosaurs!
longest whale was 110ft long!!
Take up the size of nine family cars
heart size of car
blood vessels you could swim in them
they're gentle giants Great White Shark:
Carnivore (meat eater)
prey and feed on other animals Parrot Fish:
(eats plants and animals)
mostly Algae from the ocean floor Dugong:
Herbivore (eats only plants)
eats the grass from the
ocean floor All the chemicals and energy we use is their pollution
Animals can mistake garbage for food
Pollution kills off plant life and animal life
they need our help Use fewer plastic products
Recycle don't litter
Reduce your driving and carbon footprint
Inform others about helping the ocean
Buy environmental friendly products Now We're Going to
Play a Game Like rock paper scissors
first your all going to be clown fish
find another clown fish and play rock paper scissors
if you win you become a seal
play with other seals, if you lose stay a clown fish
if you win as a seal you become a shark
if you lose as a shark you go back to being a clown fish
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