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Juan Ponce Enrile

No description

Zeliena Cruz

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Juan Ponce Enrile

Juan Ponce Enrile Early Life Born on February 14 1924 in Gonzaga Cagayan to Petra Furugganan
Christened Juanito Furugganan , his mother’s maiden name
He was born and grew up in poverty without knowing his father Bullied for uniquely mestizo features, his mother decided to disclosed his identity
His father, Alfonso Ponce Enrile, was a renowned lawyer and politician He left Gonzaga, Cagayan for the poblacion and enrolled in school by working as a servant to
the Peralta’s
He then transferred to Aparri and enrolled at the Cagayan Valley Intitute World War 2 Young juanito joined the guerillas
He was caught by the Japanese, subjected to water treatment and beaten with a sting ray’s tail and suffered other forms of torture He was incarcerated for 89 days and was able to escaped during an American air raid
While the war was raging, his half sisters evacuated to Aparri and learned about Juanito. August 1945 his father wanted to see him, he was brought to Malabon and stayed with his father’s family.He got well with them easily. He was characterized by his step sister as a good brother.
He was given a new name Juan Ponce Enrile

Education He finished high school in St. James Academy at the age of 23. He entered Ateneo de Manila graduating cum laude with an Associate in Arts Degree. Then continued his study at the University of the Philippines Diliman with Bachelor of Laws
He graduated as cum laude and salutatorian
No. 11 in 1953 BAR examinations
With a 91.72% rating and a perfect score in commercial law
Master of Laws, Specialized Training in international Tax, Harvard Law School

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