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The Great Gatsby Character Relationship Chart

No description

Kailey Smith

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Character Relationship Chart

The great Gatsby Character relationship chart
By Kailey Smith
Daisy Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Nick Carraway
Jay Gatsby
Nick's Cousin
Very beautiful
Used to the high life or life of riches
Married to Tom with children
Very spontaneous and compulsive
Has a history with Jay Gatsby
Funny, jokes often
Killed Myrtle Wilson in a car accident
Has Gatsby and Tom fighting over her, but she loves Gatsby more
Married to Daisy with Children
Very prideful and ignorant
Cheating on Daisy with woman in New York
Has no idea Daisy is not interested but he still cheats
He loves Daisy even though he cheats on her openly
Cousins with Daisy
Has a very laid back, calm mood about everything
Takes a liking to Jordan Baker
Lives in West Egg (neighbors with Jay Gatsby)
One of Gatsby's friends
Throws incredible parties
Seems very mysterious, no one really knows what he does so they tend to rumor about him
He is incredibly extravagant with his parties, guests and overall lifestyle
Absolutely in love with Daisy
Nick and him are relatively close friends
Owned and was in the car Daisy drove when she killed Myrtle Wilson
He was shot by Mr. Wilson in revenge
Jordan Baker
tennis player
Gatsby takes a liking to her as a friend
Her and Nick have an off-and-on relationship
She and Daisy are really close friends
Friend\Acquaintance/Some sort of relationship-


Love Interest-


Who killed-
Mr. George Wilson
His wife (Mrytle Wilson was killed in a car accident
He took his revenge in the form of shooting Gatsby in his pool
He had a strong love for his wife
Daisy Buchanan
Tom Buchanan
Jay Gatsby
Nick Carraway
Jordan Baker
George Wilson
who is friends with
who loves
who is married to
is romantically interested in
who is friends with
who is cousins with
who was killed by
Myrtle Wilson
who is married to
who was killed by
who is friends with
in revenge due to his belief that Gatsby killed his wife
when it was really Daisy Buchanan
"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
in a car accident
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