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Appreciation of TWI Programs

An overview of the Job Instruction training program materials

Mark Warren

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Appreciation of TWI Programs

Why they are useful...
Training Within Industry Programs
progressive application
This is an iterative process...
Job Breakdown
Training delivery pattern...
4-Step Training Method
Are they following the patterns?
4. Follow Up Coaching
Getting started...
Next steps...
Training Time Table
Forming your learning team...

Pick two people you would like to learn with.
sensei's habits
Time Table Worksheet
The starting point..
getting the data to fill
in the Time Table
developing the habits
Training Time Table
Transferring data from worksheet
Deciding the next steps...
Skills Matrix
Focus on cross-training and capacity
multi-level skill designations
Were Ohno's leap began...
developing the habits of the Sensei
Your checklist
the "Pocket Card"
Starting point...
The beginning of the hidden lessons...
"Learning to See" starts with the
1. Go to the work
2. Observe
3. Question
4. Get the facts
5. Organize the facts
Choosing where to start...
Building the Training Time Table starts with a....
workplace walk through...
where is your bottleneck?
Do you have a process?
No - start with a job breakdown...
Go to the work...
first draft of the job breakdown...
team development of the job breakdown...
expect about 5 revisions to get all the necessary details...
Sample Job Breakdown Sheet
Training tool + foundation for developing Standard Work
Standard Work Sheet
developed after the process is stable...
Your checklist...
The Job Instruction Pocket Card
next step...
your checklist...
The 4-Step Method
Follow the Pattern
Get Ready...
you are prepared...
1. Prepare the learner...
2. Present the operation
Using the Job Breakdown
sheet as your checklist
Follow the Pattern
3. Try out performance
Observation and feedback
Does the Learner know the
Important Steps

Does the Learner know the
Key Points

Does the Learner understand the
Reasons Why

Are they comfortable doing the job?

Are they consistently following the same process you taught them?
Roger Bilas
Professional Trainer
The first set of patterns...
Hidden lessons inside the TWI programs...
Toyota mastered the patterns through deliberate practice of the TWI programs...
The tipping point happens when enough people practice these habits for it to become part of your culture.
patterns as a culture...
Teaching the patterns...
Step 1 - Coaching the patterns...
can become...
Let's start your journey of discovery...
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