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EDCMOOC - digital artefact

No description

Elena Elena

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of EDCMOOC - digital artefact

final artefact
Can you imagine education without any technologies nowadays?
There is a great impact of new technology on education

Educational proсess is different now
It is not the same
Educational approach
has been changed.
Teachers should teach not only
their subject but to learn how to use new-modern gadgets and apply new technologies to education.
Technologies are being involved
into classroom and education
more and more.

Does it guarantee the next generation become more intelligent and learn faster?
Times change
Now we can learn wherever
we are and whatever we want. We are being provided with great opportunities to study!
You can be on the sea shore and be taught by professors of Edinburgh. Distance is vanishing. We don't feel it as people could feel it in the past.
Humanity don't make notes on the tabula
with a stick anymore or don't use a finger to write something on the sand in everyday life so the sea can wash it off immediately.

We can use our finger to write in ipod and save it simultaneously. New gadgets made the educational process more accessible
and much more interesting and involving.
They capture our attention
and mentality.
How technology can boost learning?
Maybe the answer
is near:
Perceptions of distance education
There is the only
question I have:
Thank you so much for watching!

... and the last
thing is...
made by Elena Kurepina
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