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how to make a swimable great working mermaid tail!

read this prezi and find out how to make a easy mermaid tail when you put the plates in you can glue them on to the pants.

lol girl

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of how to make a swimable great working mermaid tail!

How to make an swimable mermaid tail!
no sewing! or paper! 4. get the marker and draw scales but not at the bottom at the bottom draw 3 lines. 5. put both feet thru 1 hole in the pants. 6. Then wrap the last piece around and tuck in. 1.get the two plastic plates cut them out into a circle. 2.then glue the circles alittle together.
3.put them in strecy pants and stample the bottom shut. how to make an swimable
mermaid tail fourth fifth
sixth first second
third you will need: * srecy pants in the color you want
your tail and 2 or 3 sizes larger
* 2 plastic plates
*A marker in the same color as pants but lighter the end now you have
a tail how do you feel
comment and like below!
and the plates you can glue
them on the pants so it doesent
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