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The Road To

No description

Nico A

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of The Road To

The French and Indian War
Thank god for England if it weren't for them then our colonial forces alone wouldn't have been enough to force the French out of the beautiful western land that we need to expand to. And to think that the war only lasted for 9 years, 1754-1763, it just goes to show how important England's help is.
Pontiac's Rebellion
In 1763 those crazy Native Americans attacked British forts. The English troops bravely fought back and eventually the English to offer gifts in an effort make peace with them. We gave them very nice blankets and eventually the Natives got sick and many died. I'm not sure why but maybe it is just karma for attacking us.
The Stamp Act
Now I'm really upset first, the British take away our new land and now they're taxing us for a war that we couldn't even benefit from. This stamp act, created in 1765, makes everything a burden to buy. I won't stand for it I refuse to pay for your stupid stamp England.
The Boston Tea Party

Finally we acted against the British. On December 16, 1773 other colonists and I dressed up as Native Americans and dumped 18,000 pounds of British tea in the river. It felt great to show the British that we wouldn't stand for their unjust laws.
The Battles of Lexington and Concord
We started to stockpile weapons in Lexington in case we needed them to fight back soon, but the British found out and started to march to Lexington, but Paul Revere warned us and we were able to move the weapons and gather more men at Concord and on April 19, 1775 we fought against the Britishat Concord and defeated them.
The Printing of Common Sense
Finally we had fought back and demonstrated to the British that we wouldn't just be their colonist slaves. Although we had a song resistance we still had to gain more support and thanks to Thomas Paine and his book titled, Common Sense that came out in 1775, we were able to gain a lot more support.
Now Leaving England
Entering U.S.A
Proclamation of 1763
I always had thought the British had our, the colonies, best interest in mind but now I'm not so sure. Shortly after the war with Pontiac in 1763 the British passed a proclamation forbidding us from moving westward to avoid conflicts with natives. But I don't understand we fought hard for that land why are they taking it away from us once again.
The Boston Massacre

The British have taken it to far now. On March 5, 1770 they shot into a crowd of unarmed colonists and killed 5 people and many more were injured. It's time to fight back and stop these tyrants they can't just push us around like this.
The Tea Act
Yet another ridiculous act has been passed this new Tea act passed in 1773 only helps a British Tea company and only hurts colonists. All of our own tea sellers are going out of business because they can't compete with the untaxed British company. Its hard to believe I ever felt the British actually wanted to help us.
The Intolerable Acts
The British were not happy about our tea party and they punished Boston with what we called the intolerable acts in 1774. They were a series of laws that closd our harbor, forced us to house british soldiers, and made a British commander our new governor. Its time we fight back once and for all against these spoiled monarchs.
The Declaration of Independence
Today, July 4, 1776 we, the colonies, decided to become independent of Britain. The leaders of the revolution signed the Declaration of Independence and finally we would be free. No more tyrannical British rule.
Nico Añón
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