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Aniline Production

No description

Priscilla Ruiz

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Aniline Production

Purpose of the Design
To model the production of aniline and nitrobenzene.

To meet or exceed the current yields of Aniline in existing production facilities.
Nitrobenzene Production
Economic Feasibility
Aniline Production
Aniline is considered a human carcinogen

Severely irritating to mucous membranes and affects the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract in humans

It decreases the hemoglobin levels and increases methemoglobin.

May cause euphoria and headache
Anmol Jeswani (59787101)
Jakub Turek (18512111)
Joel Kumlin (11987112)
Matthew Galea (17758111)
Philip Jones (14352124)
Priscilla Ruiz (17875121)
Vanessa Jang (31306111)
Zishan Abdullah (30513113)

Environmental Health and Safety

Overall reaction:
Price of Aniline
1.37-1.44 USD per kg in 2007
1.99 USD per kg in 2010
$1/tonne increase in benzene is roughly a $0.73/tonne increase in Aniline cost

Target Market
MDI Production (which is used to manufacture polyurethane foams for insulation, adhesives, etc.)
Pharmaceutical Production, Dyes, Pigments, Rubber Processing, and Specialty Organic Chemicals

Major Producers
DuPont (250 k tonnes/yr)
Bayer (180 k tonnes/yr)
BASF (430 k tonnes/yr)
Huntsman, etc.
CHBE 454 - Design Project Group 9:
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Aniline Production
Production Methods
Gas Phase - Fixed or Fluidized Bed
Liquid Phase
Aniline was first isolated by destructive distillation of indigo

Developments in Medicine
Emerged as an analgesic drug

Rocket Fuel
1940s and early 1950s, aniline was used with nitric acid

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