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Morgan Crowel

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Bahamas

Welcome to the Bahamas!!!!!............... :) Food Outdoor Recreation Historical Sites This is the Queen's staircase. the queens staircase was carved by slaves. The slaves used axes and other sharp tools. this staircase provide a shorter route to and from bennett's hill. The famous land bridge link to north Eleuthera to the mainland of Eleuthera. It is notable becuase on can see the dark alantic meeting the aquamarine Caribbean at the thinnest part of the island. The foundation stone having been laid by his excellency Sir Harry cordeaux in 1920 the supreme court is similar in design to the central public building north of it and was crected in 1921 in Neo-Georgian style. Accommodations you can go out for a day on a wonderful glass bottom boat and explore the beautiful ocean. sit on the beach with the cool breeze and watch the wonderful sunset over the ocean. Arts & Culture Calypso Rose Simmons displays her many talents in the Calypso Rose Revue a variety show at WRLK. oceanview rooms are privately situated with views to the Alantic Ocean and pink sand beach and have a private pathway to the beach. The one-bedroom oceanview can accommodate two adults. The two-bedroom oceanview cattages have a sitting room/lounge that separates the bedrooms and two full bathrooms and can accommodate four people. There is a deluxe two-bedroom oceanview that has a private jacuzzi on the beach. Oceanview rooms
Gardenview rooms bimini cottage Beacause of the shallow waters along the shores and cays, a kayak is a perfect outdoor recreation activity that allows u to really explore the islands and experience the natural beauty of the islands of the bahamas. bahamian fried chicken roasted main full bahamain kabob This is bahamian pottery they
take it very seriously in the
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