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Book Report- Leon's Story

Savanna Leach

Savanna Leach

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Book Report- Leon's Story

Leon's Story
Collage art by : Susan L. Roth Created by: Savanna Leach
Leon was born on January 19, 1936 and he was born into the time when blacks and whites were segregated. Leon and his siblings got picked on every day after school. It was always by the white kids on the school bus. As Leon got older he had to work on a farm. On Leon's 15th birthday is father was murdered by several white teenagers. The teenagers were drunk and ran over his father multiple times. To add to this his mother was knocked unconscious. After his dad died he had to work to get money for the family. When Did Leon Live? Brief Summary of Leon's Life: January 19, 1936 - Today Why is Leon Tillage important? Leon Tillage is very important. The reason being is because every day he got up the nerve to keep moving forward when those "white kids" threw stuff at him or beat him up. He knew he had to take care of his little brothers and sisters. What contribution to society did Leon make? Leon made a huge contribution to society. He showed everyone that no matter how tough things get you have to keep trying. Now everyone that has read this book or even saw him in real life knows that you never give up, keep moving forward. Do you agree that Leon should have a biography written about himself? Leon Tillage does deserve to have his own biography, because he has taught alot of people about standing up for yourself and keep on trying no matter what. Note: There is a reason I am
putting some things in quotations is
because that is what Leon said. The End:) quotation marks = what Leon said
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