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Lindsay's portfolio

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Lindsay R

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Lindsay's portfolio

Lindsay's Portfolio Welcome to my portfolio.
Feel free to check out
some of the work I have
If you want a closer look,
click on an item at any
time during the presentation. Here is some of the most
recent research I have conducted
and papers that I have written. Here is an abstract from my group
research paper on how people create
meaning from listening to Bhangra music. My name is Lindsay Cheyne, and I am from Calgary.
After graduating Bowness High School in 2005,
I took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. In 2008, I graduated from
SAIT polytechnic with a diploma in Journalism.
I moved on to Royal Roads University in beautiful Victoria, B.C and graduated in November 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Professional Communication.
What follows in this portfolio is a collection of work during my time at Royal Roads and at Totem Building Supplies. Here is an abstract from a
paper I wrote on a theory I
created called the
"False Projection Theory" Here is an abstract from one
of the many enthymeme-paradigm
papers I wrote. They were usually a
team effort, but this one I wrote individually. This is an abstract from
a paper I wrote on the
organized tactics behind the
Rwanda genocide. That's enough of
the written stuff.
Here are some examples
of design projects. Here is an article that I co-authored on the culture of Dim Sum Here is a "mock" brochure
I designed for the
Heart and Stroke Foundation. Above is a pitch I made for a photography company called "Third Wheel Photography" To the left is my
personal maifesto. Above is a photo essay.
The pictures are taken
at Cowichan Lake, B.C. Just for fun, here are some examples
of nature and wedding photo's I have taken. After graduating Royal Roads in 2009,
I started working with Totem Building Supplies.
Here are examples of 3 years worth of the flyers I created. Thank you for looking at my
portfolio. Please contact me at
lindsreitz@gmail.com. I look forward
to hearing from you.
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