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The 3 Most Deadly Nazi Concentration Camps

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Tyler Brittain

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The 3 Most Deadly Nazi Concentration Camps

Three Deadly Nazi Concentration Camps
The 3 most deadly concentration camps
Auschwitz - This camp was the most deadliest and is the most famous concentration camp.
Belzec - This camp is the second deadliest camp and it started as a labor camp but later turned into a extermination camp.
Buchenwald - Was just a labor camp but killed thousands of Jews just by over working them.
Belzec is the second deadliest extermination camp.
This camp was initially just a concentration camp but later in 1942 the Nazi's established Belzec as a extermination camp.
In 1942 they tested the first gas chambers with metal cartridges filled with carbon monoxide gas.
Buchenwald was not a extermination camp. ( it was a labor camp)
Buchenwald was one of the first and biggest concentration camps built by the Nazi's.
Buchenwald prisoners were worked in 12 hour shifts around the clock.
There were no gas chambers in Buchenwald but Jews were sometimes beaten to death or shot.
Bonus Video
If time permits play this video till time runs out.
Auschwitz is one of the most famous extermination camps.
This camp killed approximately 1,100,000 Jews.
Auschwitz had the famous sign at the front gates that read "Arbeit Macht Frei" which means work sets (you) free.
Auschwitz was actually 3 camps in one, a slave labor camp, a extermination camp, and a base camp.
These 3 camps were name Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II, and Auschwitz III.
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