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SILO - Silent Disco Evolution

No description

Lindsay Hatcher

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of SILO - Silent Disco Evolution

SILO - Silent Disco Evolution
Methods, cont.
Key Finding:
PLUR, Raver Anthem
Key Finding:
Trust Issues
Venue concerns
Confusion over who is responsible for SILO
Didn't understand SILO's benefit
Will I be safe going home from a SILO?
Confusion = sketchy feelings, hurts image as a reputable company
Name Pending

By Alex McClure, Addison Getty, Karolina Imburgio, Kevin Valade, Lindsay Hatcher, Trey Wallrapp, Gabrielle Harris

March 13, 2014
Problem Statement
Research Objectives
Research Method
Target Market
Individual headphones ruin social aspect
Can't dance with others
A feeling of disconnect among attendees

Focus Group Details
Major problem with the brand causes other problems

Qualitative research necessary to uncover:
Understand current consumers

Analyze the motivations of potential consumer
Why qualitative?
little background info
depth - participants bounce off each other
social aspect

Purpose of instruments
aid moderator & discussion
legality; informational
18-24-year old college students
Interest in EDM DJs
Cheap entertainment
Desire to be at the cutting edge
One focus groups
7 females
recruited from Christian Sorority Sigma Phi Lambda chapter
One mini-focus group
two males and two female
recruited from Facebook
Lasted 40-45 minutes each
Everyone screened and divided
Aged 18-24, one outlier (29)
Social college students
Female non-user group
All listened to EDM, user group attended concerts and festivals
No prior knowledge of the brand or concept
Icebreaker, 2 videos(opinions)
Questions Asked Non-Users:
EDM, awareness of the brand, feelings toward the brand
Questions Asked Users
Experiences at festivals, usual post-concert plans,
Key: Greek Segregation
Greek vs. Non-Greek venue concerns

Neutral: The Jam
Possible Opportunity:
Theme nights
Users and non-users consider dressing up as part of the night

Potential USP
Future Research
Info from local EDM radio station

Survey potential consumers

Survey post-consumption
“I feel like dancing is social. The fun [with dancing] is that everyone is listening to the same music. I feel like [SILO] brings people together, but it doesn’t at the same time, because you’re in your own little world and you’ve got your music on. When there’s one song that’s playing [for everyone], you can jump to or dance to the same beat.” (Appendix E, Participant 1)
“It’s probably more dangerous to leave SILO than it is to leave the club."(Appendix E, Participant 2)
Lack of awareness
Lack of interest
Failure to see benefits
no bass stimulation
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