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Anne Frank

No description

Anna Gordley

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12th, 1929. She had one sister named Margot. Her father was named Otto and her mother was named Edith. Otto was very proud of being German. The family was Jewish and because of that, their lives were turned upside down. They had to go into hiding.
A man named Adolf Hitler was in power. His dream was to make Germany the most powerful empire on earth. He convinced Germans that Jewish people were to blame for all of their country's problems.
Anne Frank's Life
Anne Frank's Life
Facts about Anne
Anne Frank's Life
Later, another family came to live in the hideout with the Franks, along with their son Peter and his cat. Peter was 15 years old. Five months later one more person came to live in the hideout. This person was named Fritz Pfeffer. Next, two men that ran Otto's business came to live there. On May 10th 1940, Hitler attacked by dropping bombs out of airplanes. Two days later more bombs fell. Then, one day on August 4th Peter heard loud noises shouting below, men's voices with guns raised. Police stormed the hideout. Someone had betrayed the people in the
By: Anna Gordley
Anne Frank's Life
Experiences that made this person important
moving into the Annex
the holocaust
her story
her diary
her death
her family
the hideout
AKA- secret Annex
some important contributions
He decided that he wanted to get rid of all of the Jewish people by finding them and sending some to camp, and killing some. Edith and Otto had been slowly preparing the hideout for months. Now it was time to go live in it because the family didn't want to go to a camp in Germany. It was not safe, so they hid. They also had to hide from Hitler's soldiers.
The day Anne turned 13, in June of 1942, one important person was not there. It was her grandmother, She had died that winter. Anne said that her birthday didn't mean much without her grandma.
Anne got lots of presents for her birthday, but her favorite gift was a small note book with a red and green checked cover that locked. Anne named her diary "Kitty" after an old friend with the name. Two days after her birthday she made her first entry in her diary. Every entry started "Dear Kitty,". Anne told Kitty everything. Kitty was a friend that never argued and always listened. She also told Kitty about the hideout.

hideout. Who did it? To this day, no one knows who did it. After they were led off, Miep, Anne's neighbor, sneeked into the hideout and she found Anne's diary. She locked it in a desk so it was safe. The people were sent to camp and some people were put to death right away. Survivors say that it is impossible to explain how awful it was! Anne and Margot were now separated from their mom and dad; they struggled to survive. Sadly, both girls came down with Typhus and died in the year of 1945. Anne was only 15 years old! Her father was the only one to survive out

of the Frank family. He had known Anne kept a diary but he had never known how much she had written or how beautiful her words were. Later, at least one of Anne's dreams came true, her book was published! The war was over but it was too late for Margot and Anne.

She was born in Germany on June 12th
1929 in Frankfurt.
She died at age 15 in the year of 1945.
She had one sister named Margot, a father named Otto and a mother named Edith.
She became famous after she died.
She is famous because of her diary, her life, Adolf Hitler and her mom and dad.
She liked to play pranks.
She was a young Jewish girl who was forced into hiding for two years.
Some important characteristics about Anne
She was hopeful.
She was Jewish.
She was positive and kind.
She was brave.
She was persistent .
We should know about this person because

she is a great example of being positive
she is a good example of being flexible
she is very smart
we should be just as positive as she was
We should benefit from this person because

she helps us realize we should be positive in life
she helps us realize that we should never stop believing
Some things that I admire about this person are
her attitude
how smart she was
how positive she was
how hopeful she was
Thank you for letting me use your pictures
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