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Mao Zedong

Brandon Duelley Period 8/9

Brandon Duelley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Mao Zedong

Double click anywhere & add an idea Mao Zedong By: Brandon Duelley Early Years Born December 26, 1893.
Son of poor peasant farmers.
Had to quit school at age 13.
In 1921, he joined communist party.
Formation of People's Republic of China. Mao as a Military Leader Mao conducted the autumn harvest uprising.
It was a rebellion for in favor of communist ideas.
He continued to lead guerrilla fighters until the peoples republic of China was formed.
He was also accused of commiting torture to prisoners, and may be responsible for as many as 186,000 deaths during his purges. Mao served as chairman from 1954-1954.
In 1950 Mao decided to enter the chinese on the North Korean side of the Korean conflict.
This changed the conflict in the communists favor.
Mao then initiated the five year plan to make china into a world power and less dependent on agriculture.
Mao's Brutality In Jiangxi, China more than 186,000 are said to have been tortured or executed under Mao's direction in the 1930's.
During land reform from 1949-1954 , Mao admitted to killing more than 700,000 landlords to make land socialized.
Torture was also common under Mao's rule.
The media was controlled by the government, so Mao was never spoken out against.
This is an example of propaganda by
the Chinese media and it says "Chairman
Mao gives us happy lives." Mao's Successes China's population rose 57%.
Average life expectancy rose from 35 to 70.
China's illiteracy rate sunk from 80% to 7%.
China became a world power economically and
militarily. MAO DAY On this day, everyone works
even if they are supposed to be
Matching shirts with Mao's face will
be given to everyone.
If you are caught not celebrating
Mao day, you will be killed.
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