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International Adoption

No description

emily alharazi

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of International Adoption

International Adoption
The three sub categories that come to mind before deciding to adopt and while going through the process are:

Emotional (Adopted Child/Parents)
Although many people don't think about this aspect before going through with international adoption, it's very important to grasp.
Culture and Religion may need to be brought up with the adopted child therefore studying it and living it yourself as the new adoptive parent(s).
This can bring difficulty among your loved ones depending on how religious they are, or how racist they are in severe cases. If this negativity reveals itself, then adopting internationally probably isn't for you.
This could also bring joy to a new adoptive family. Studying new religions can bring you and your loved ones closer to the adopted child and have a greater understanding of how people live worldwide.
The general idea of emotions is part of every day life. But when going through the adoption process, it's important to realize how you feel as the new parent, and how your new child might feel.
As a new parent, you and your spouse may feel less connected while going through the process because of all the stress and time needed to complete the adoption. This is completely normal, although if adopting brings your relationship to a severe tipping point then having a child together may not be the right thing to do.
Also, if you end up adopting any child from anywhere around the world, it's quite possible that they may feel out of place in the new environment. This can be because of gender, racial color, language, and many more factors. Also, they may feel insecure about themselves because their original parents let them go and they are reluctant to know why. While the child grows up, it's also intelligent to make them feel welcome and know that you love them. If you don't they could grow up to be self conscious and anxious.
Only 25% of adopted families adopt internationally, rather then privately or domestically and it's easy to understand why. Adopting from your country is a lot easier then researching new cultures, adjusting to new lifestyles and losing an infinite amount of money. But, adopting internationally is also more special in a way, because of these factors. If you ever decide to adopt worldwide in the future, remember these pros, cons, and tips.
Adopting internationally does in fact take a large amount of time to complete, but on top of this timetable, a large amount of money must go into it in order for you to be an adoptive parent. On average, it costs about 10,000-50,000 to adopt internationally.
Some of the fees include parenting training, home study checkups and paperwork required for the adoption. There may also be costs for document translation and notarizing, as well as post-placement reports. Another cost that many people don't realize is the traveling fee which isn't included. If you're required to go to the adopted country, then that's another cost you must pay. Without these requirements you are unable to adopt your chosen child.
If you and/or your spouse have steady paying jobs with a good income, then adopting internationally may not be a problem for you, but when your job isn't the greatest paying and you decide to adopt,you may go into debt and so caution is required. Before adopting internationally, it's good to have money saved up for the occasion already that way you're not just throwing away money you've earned.
definition; International adoption is a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parent(s) of a child who has the nationality of a different country.

Before adopting from another country around the world, it's good to think about many things so your experience is worthwhile.
1. Research employee adoption programs.

2. Stretch out payments (break it down over time).

3. Dip into your savings.

4. Manage a budget and cut expenses.

5. Purge your home (sell random things).

6. Investigate loan options.

7. Find secondary income (second job).

8. Ask for donations.

9. Take advantage of military subsidies (discounts).

10. Apply for adoption grants.
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