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Olivia L. And Kaitlyn G.

No description

lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Olivia L. And Kaitlyn G.

Olivia L. And Kaitlyn G.
He was born June 2nd, 1919 in Kentucky, Araon. He fought in the US Army as a First Lieutenant. He was stationed in Houssen, France. One remarkable thing he did for not only our country but his fellow soldiers was stopping the enemy in advance and by his heroism and disregard for his own life he stayed clam killing at least 50 german soldiers. Based on is actions, it earned him the medal of honor and the greatness knowing he served his country right.
Facts About Adkins:
He was born on February 1st 1934, in Waurika, Oklahoma
He ran through intense, hostile fire in order to get ammunition and fight the enemy
He was in the 5th Special Forces group (Airborne) and 1st Special Forces
He was stationed at Camp A Shau when it was attacked by a large Vietnam force
After being ordered to evacuate the camp, he led the others in evading the area until they were rescued
Differences Between the Soldiers:
Adkins fought in Vietnam, and Connor fought in World War II
Adkins was Sergeant First Class, and Connor was First Lieutenant
Adkins was not departed, but Connor was.
Connor entered service in Kentucky and Adkins entered service in Oklahoma
Adkins fought in Vietnam while Connor fought in France.
Bennie G. Adkins:
The word i selected for my medal of honor recipient was Valor. He showed lots of strength and bravery even when he was put in a bad situation. Even as he was injured and alone, he managed to save his teammates and evacuate them to safety.
Adkins: Oh my, I didn’t even see you there Connor! Haven't seen you in forever! How has life...uhm...death been for you?

Connor: Very funny! It's been fine. And you?

Adkins: Ehh, you know death! It's been alright. Do you remember when you were awarded your medal of honor? How many soldiers did you save again?

Connor: I can't remember, too many to count!

*Olivia and Kaitlyn listened, eager to hear the rest of the soldier's stories and how they earned their medal*

Olivia: Come on, please tell us already!

Kaitlyn: We’re excited to hear the rest of your story! I can't wait to tell everybody else!

Connor: Alright, but this conversation is only between us four, got it?

Adkins: Mhm, we can't have people knowing about this. They won't believe you anyway! Also, I'll share my story with them after you.

Connor: Alright, it all started in January 1945 when I was fighting in France...

*Olivia and Kaitlyn felt as if they could see and feel his memories, as if they were experiencing a flashback that wasn’t theirs*

Connor: It was World War II, and I had returned to my unit after recovering from a wound. I knew what the enemy could do to the battalion, so I volunteered to run straight into the heart of the enemy assault and continued to move forward until I got to a ditch. I was in that position for 3 hours firing at the enemy! In the end, I stopped the enemy advance, and almost died in the process. But I'm glad I was able to risk my life to help my soldiers and my country.

Adkins: Very impressive Connor! Now let me tell you how I got my medal! I was in Vietnam in March of 1966, when my camp got attacked! I rushed through intense, hostile enemy fire and manned a mortar position. BOOM! I was wounded, but still dragged my peers to safety! I fought off fanatic waves of enemy attacks while leading the rest of the men in an evacuation of the area. Soon, we were saved by a helicopter, and all my wounds were treated.

Connor: Well look at the time Adkins!

Adkins: Wow, time really does fly by! We better go before your group leaves you!

*Olivia and Kaitlyn waved goodbye in awe, still shocked by their experience. The two soldiers faded away. *

*All of a sudden, they jolted upright as they both awoke from the same dream.*

Script: Beyond The Call of Duty
Similarities Between the Soldiers:
They both fought in the US Army
They both saved their peers and fellow soldiers
Both were wounded on the battlefield
Both of them made it out alive and received their medals without dying
They both received the medal of honor for their outstanding valor
Garlin Murl Connor
The word I picked that best described my medal of honor recipient was sacrifice. He sacrificed himself so many others but the main reason why this word best described him was that he volunteered to fight even still recovering with a terrible wound.
Period 3
A group Liberty Middle School students are touring Arlington National Cemetery while on their Washington D.C. trip. Two students, Olivia and Kaitlyn, wandered off without their group to see more of the graves. They stop at two special graves covered with flowers and American flags. The names read Bennie G. Adkins and Garlin Murl Connor, and both gravestones said that they were awarded the medal of honor. After looking at the graves, they spotted a reflection in the corner of their eye that looked very similar to the two soldiers. *

Kaitlyn: *shocked, she asked* Olivia, are you seeing this, or is it just me?

Olivia: No, I'm seeing it too. They look just like the soldiers on the graves!

Both girls turned around to face the two soldiers saluting them*

Adkins: What a surprise to see you both here? What are you doing away from your group?

Olivia: We’re just interested in learning more about some of these soldiers and their stories.

Connor: Well in that case, man have I got a story for you! Do you have the time?

Kaitlyn: Definitely!

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