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Why did so many Jamestown Colonists die?

No description

Laura Taylor-Dunn

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Why did so many Jamestown Colonists die?

Why did so many Jamestown Colonists die?
Jamestown summary
In the spring of 1607,three english ships carrying more than 100 passengers sailed to the Cheapeake Bay. Somehow they ended up being in James River, but of course it wasn't named James River yet. The English men decided to name the James River after King James 1. when they were exploring
Jamestown summary
Jamestown they were hoping that they could find golden riches and thought they could find a hidden passage to China. Some indian people lived close to the James River. Originaly out of the 110 settlers,only 40 would be alive by the end of December and alot of people died.
Summary of Document A & B
In Jamestown many of the colonists died because of the bad land quality. Many of the colonists died because of the brackish water. This was caused by a high tide. Animals had no source of food and humans had no source of food or water. Another reason why so many colonists died was from
Summary of document of A & B
contaminated water. Contaminated water was caused by human waste. It also stayed in the rivers and festered which caused disease. Next came the location. The location was really bad and didnt have enough food!? They also had fish, but only in the spring and summer. They were also
Summary of Document A & B
surrounded by 15,000 Native Americans. Lastly came the drought. There wasn't enough rain and there wasn't enough food for the animals and humans. This caused a strain between Powhatans and English Men. That is why so many colonists died.
Document c
There where too many unskilled workers so Jamestown colonists were in danger. There were too many wealthy men and not enough Laborers. Laborers are hard workers. Also there were no farmers. So they died from not having enough food.
Summary of Document D & E
The final reasons why so many Jamestown colonists died was because of Fransic West and Indian Relations. One reason why so many colonists died was because of Francis West. He was so cruel because he left all of the other colonists and abandoned them. Fransic West took all of the corn with him
Document d & e
so all of the other colonists would die. He was really selfish to the Native Americans because he beheaded and cut off 2 Native Americans limbs. The last reason why so many Jamestown colonists died was beacause of Indian Relations. In the beginning they only killed 7 men between
Summary of Document D & E
1607 and 1608. In 1609 the relationship became strained because Native Americans killed 143 men.
Without a doubt it was hard for the Jamestown colonists because of the envirment, unskilled workers, and the Native American Relationships, but in the end they became the first succesful English colony in the New World.
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