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Proper Etiquette and Safety in the Use of Facilities and Equ

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Ivan Ileto

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of Proper Etiquette and Safety in the Use of Facilities and Equ

Proper Etiquette and Safety in the Use of Facilities and Equipments
4. In performing exercises and movement in general, practice good form first.
Doing exercises in improper form deficit it's benefits.
7. Return the equipment properly or leave the venue clean.
Do not leave or pass on equipments that is in complete disarray or dirty.
1. Take care in using facilities and equipment.
In consideration of the school's effort and of other students who will benefit from using the facilities and equipments, it is in good form to handle them with care and use them solely on their purpose.
2. Only use equipments that you already know how to use
Do not handle it until such time the teacher gives instructions on how to operate the said equipment. You could break the equipment or cause harm to yourself or others.
5. Bring back all equipment in place after use.
This is to prevent having them misplaced, stolen or become unnecessary clutters in the training area than can cause accidents.
6. Do not Hug the equipment.
Do not monopolize the equipments. Allow everyone a fair use of the facilities.
3. Be Alert and Aware in the training area.
Presence of mind could help avoid accidents.
8. Check Yourself - practice proper hygiene and care.
Take a bath or a deodorant if needed. Do not force yourself to engage in physical activity if you are feeling sick.
9. Move on the double; do not loiter around the venue or hang on the equipment doing nothing.
10. Be nice, as a general rule!
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