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No description

Nicole Edmond

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Robots

ROBOTS HISTORY THE FUTURE OF ROBOTICS INFLUENCIAL IN THE ARTS HOW ROBOTICS HAVE CHANGED THE TURING TEST WHERE ROBOTICS IS GOING Theo Jansen What are Robots? The Philosophy of Robotics What is the Turing Test? a system in which you try to tell the difference between a Robot/ Artificial intelligence and Humans Is the Turing Test a sufficient system of distinguishing the difference between robots and humans? If every tool, when ordered, or even on its own accord,
could do the work that befits it... then there would be no need either of apprentices for the master workers or slaves for the lords.
-Aristotle ~322BC Allen Turing Was an English Mathematician
Considered the Father of computer science and artificial intelligence Emotional Turing Test An emotional Turing test is when you can't tell the difference emotionally from an Artificial being and a real one. -Repetitive Tasks
-Behavioural Autonomy
-Environmentally Responsive
-Telepresence - Relies on wind-power and nature to move these creatures. - Has been perfecting his sand beasts for over 20 years. Dancing with the Virtual Dervish: Virtual Bodies By Diane Gromala and Yacov Sharir Dervish: muslim mystics
who, through rituals of
whirling, howling, or
chanting, induce an ecstatic
transcendent sate.
(Moser 285).

Combine performance with
visual technology in a
singular, collaborative piece. Clayton Bailey : Creates new robotic works from old found objects When does science become less about engineering
and more about artistic practice? There are many types of robots out there nowadays, for all different purposes, such as: General-Purpose Autonomous Robots

Factory Robots

Dangerous or inaccessible tasks

Military Robots

Mining Robots


Research Robots

Entertainment Controversies How do you feel about the idea that we are chemical robots? Robots are soon going to take over everything!
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