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Reggae Music Presentation

Powerpoint on reggae music for 5th period class.

Brittany Hinch

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Reggae Music Presentation

Reggae Artists
Reggae is a Jamaican music first formed in the late 1960's.
Reggae is characterized by accents on the offbeats. Reggae is normally slower than both ska and rocksteady. Usually, reggae accents the second and fourth beat in a bar.
Hip- Hop
Reggae Fusion Reggae History: What it is Spin-offs Why People Like it Do I Like It? Yes, I like reggae.
Reggae first came into my life when I heard my
mother playing it on the way to my middle school.
It wasn't the old reggae, but something new- by
Rihanna- Music of the Sun and Pon de Replay. I like it
because of the beat. It made me feel like I could do anything or be anyone. Maybe even fit in with the other seventh graders on my first day. Thanks to:
The History of Reggae, written by Stuart A. Kallen
and the website: www.reggae-artists.com I was given the names of 134 reggae artists, but to shorten time here, I'm only going to list 13 of them:
Anthony Red Rose
Bankie Banx
Berres Hammond
Burning Spear
Bob Marley
Carlton Livingston
Daddy Roots
Jah Cure
Keith Poppin
Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Peter Tosh
Ziggy Marley People like reggae so much because it
has a certain message for them.
Reggae wasn't reggae in the beginning.
Even its predecessors- ska and rocksteady-weren't really that. They were formed from religious songs. It wasn't just reggae, or just ska, or just rocksteady, it was religion. Ras Tafari was a social leader in Jamaica. Everyone there believed he was the black Jesus. Even Bob Marley's wife believed because one day he was waving out of the window of his car and the pedestrians- including Mrs. Marley- saw a stigmata in his hands.
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