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The Year We Disappeared

No description

Kierstynn Santana

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Year We Disappeared

The Year We Disappeared
By Cylin and John Busby

When Cylin and Polly Busby ( John's wife) found out that he was shot (they never found out who had shot him yet) they all secretly went to a families house near the hospital.
Beginning of Book
The Busby family was a normal family who lived in Falmouth, Massachusetts
John Busby's co-worker, Raymond Meyer was a guy who everyone was afraid of because if you gave a ticket or arrested one of his family members or friends, he'd give you bad revenge (Like killing you, burning down your house, ect.)
Pages 174-247
As the days gone by , the whole family felt unsafe since they never knew who had shot John.
John finally came home from the hospital and school started for Cylin and she had to have a police officer follow her to school and stay there with her for safety reasons (which she didn't like).
Pages 90-173
When John was at the mall, police watching, he had saw a guy drag racing in the parking lot and it ended up being Raymond's nephew (James Meyer).
Made By Kierstynn Santana
The Year We Disappeared
By Cylin Busby and John Busby
John and Cylin Busby
Cylin (in the middle) and her two older brothers.
There was only one thing that was different and it was that her father was a cop and worked all night and slept all day, so the kids never got to hang out with him a lot.
Pages 1-89
John Busby as a police officer
On the way to work the next day, someone had purposely shot John through his car windows and got rushed to the hospital.
John's car after he was shot.
When he was getting better in the hospital Cylin, her brother, and mom decided to go back to their home.
A motivation picture to symbolize how John motivated himself to get better because of his family.
They had security follow them, a big fence around their house, and a big dog who protected them.
These two pictures symbolize what protected them due to the shooting of John.
Cylin had no friends because they were afraid that the shooter would come to school and try to kill her. ( she REALLY wanted to move)
Cylin had a huge surprise which was that she met a girl named Amelia and that was her first close friend she made after the incident.
This happy face symbolizes that Cylin was excited that she finally made a new friend after the shooting and how happy she was that her dad came home.
Cylin's mom, Polly was fed up with people judging them in their town so she decided to write up a paper on her typewriter for an application for a job as a nurse in another state.
They decided to secretly move to Cookeville, Tennessee to try to disappear with NO ONE (except for family) knowing where they lived for safety reasons.
Map of Cookeville, TN.
Pages 248-319
When they moved to Cookeville,Tennessee no one knew who they were and no one knew what had happened in the passed which was a good thing.
Their plan to disappear and start a new life worked! They easily made new friends at their new school and felt safe. The only thing they didn't like was how hot it was.
Symbolizes how it was really hot and humid at the time they moved to Cookeville, Tennessee.
The people who had planned to shoot John had turned themselves in. (James Meyer, Ray Meyer's brother)
James Meyer arrested.
When John was in the hospital he was in pain and the only thing that motivated him to get better was his family.
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