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Matthew Cabrera

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Technology

Technology By: Matthew Cabrera What technology has done for Mankind F Technical Fact:
Technology: The application of scientific knowledge to serve man in industry. Definition from Webster's dictionary. Back then almost everything was done by hand, and people had to work hard and long. Technology was anything built, that made tasks easier to do. From the the simplest invention like the wheel helped move things around easier. It gave people an easier time. Technology Good Technology Bad Technology has helped a lot of people through time. Helped people build homes with tools and machines, make food with farm tools. Look right now I'm using a computer to make this presentation. Technology helped achieve so many things. Technology is awesome
Yeah. Achievements in History with Technology -First landing on the moon, with the Apollo 11 in 1969. (http://www.kidcyber.com.au./topics/firstmoonlaning.htm) -Finding a cure for Polio;a deadly disease, in 1955. (http://www.sleepydut.net/polio-vaccine-discovered.-history.html) -Car was invented by Karl Benz in 1886.
(http://www.loc.gov/rrscitech/mysteries/auto.html) -In 1806 Humphrey Davy invented the lightbulb.
(http://www.unmuseum.org/lightbulb.htm) Wasn't Edison Fun TIME Sometimes technology is used to create some great pass times. Movies VIDEO GAMES Internet All you Really Need? People created games people can play just to have fun, when they are bored. Movies are acting on the big screen. Makes people laugh, get scared, cry even. It gets you interested in to watching the sequel. Tv shows, movies all that stuff to keep you busy and entertained. Technical fact: Not all things on the internet is true. You have been warned. Also stay off some sites. The world of the internet. Helps you stay in touch with others on social networks and video chat. The internet also can contain some answers to questions you may need. Also you can look up pictures. Some Useful Tech Telephone: Helps communicate with others easily, to keep in touch. Car: transports people. Hey its faster than walking to evry place you need to go. Television: Programs to watch to keep entertained. UPGRADES All the tech you just saw listed they all have been modified to get better. For example the telephone was just connected to the wall in your house, now its a cell to call from anywhere, some phones are touchscreen. The TV only pictured in black and white and now, it is High Definition, some in 3D. And the cars was just a box with wheels (not literally),and now there is cars with radio signals, AC, and GPS systems, some cars even close their doors by themselves. Free Time Technology has given us so much free time. Everything has been modified to do stuff for us. Like some jobs, such as factories use machines to do most of the packaging. Or like instead of walking to the store you just drive. Baxter http://www.rethinkrobotics.com/http://www.rethinkrobotics.com/index.php/products/baxter/index.php/products/baxter/ Take a look at Baxter he is a whole new breed of robots. Baxter is unique to others. This robot can actually feel exactly what it is holding. Also it has emotions, he can show them, with expression in his eyes. scientist say that Baxter will be able to work with mankind in the future. At this rate that technology is expanding, we will have all sorts of things. Fly cars
Cures for the sick
Cloning(it alreadt started
Time Travel (just kidding) Just think about it What are some of the things you like to do that involves something made in the last 20 years. I can fish fish. IT WASN'T EDISON Without technology everything wont get done as fast. Things were going slow back then. But when amazing minds have a great idea, they start creating these "tools" to help out. Maybe some technology can be fun to use. Entertainment using Technology The End -Helps do things faster and better.
-Can be used to have fun.
-It amazing on what it can do and become, also how it was before.
-Keeps us contacted with others.
-Helps do numerous tasks. -To much free time.
-People are overusing technology.
-Are becoming antisocial.
-Being a bit to lazy.
-Are becoming addicted to use it all the time, and do nothing else. Note: This applies to only some people not all. A Decision Which side? Is having it worth it? All the upgrades and new models, it just keeps getting better and better. if they are going to make it a better one why waste your money. Just think how your favorite piece of technology is made to do things it does Their is theories all over. How people think technology will be in the future. Some people are making plans for it. Some inventors have already started to create their new ideas.
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