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Alyssa's Inferno


Alyssa Seepersad

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Alyssa's Inferno

Alyssa's Journey
Through Hell Circle One:
The Lazy Circle Two:
The Irate Circle Three:
The Greedy Circle Four:
The Lusters Circle Five:
The Unfaithful Circle Six:
The Liars Circle Eight:
The Manipulators Circle Seven:
The Envious Circle Nine:
The Conceited Against Acquaintainces Against Nature Against Self The people of this circle are chained down to a table destined to remain still for all eternity. Every passing day they develop new, open, bloody sores that maggots and flies nestle in to lay eggs and eat the surrounding flesh. These are the people who wasted their life away sitting, sleeping, and procrastinating . Therefore, they ended up ignoring their human responsibilities. This circle holds all of the individuals that never found happiness in their life. Therefore, causing them to inflict distress on others around them. Since nothing can cheer up these lost souls they must now and forever endure a bright cheerful world filled with music and laughter. There they will reach such rage that they will pull out their eyeballs and eat themselves alive as an attempt to escape. These are the people that were never satisfied with anything that they had. They always felt the need to get more and did whatever necessary to get it. Since their desires could never be satisfied, they are forced to live in a dead wasteland and walk along a glass shard path forever to reach the item they seek. It will always be in sight but, never close enough to reach. The mind is a unique aspect to every individual. Those who lust over a multitude of people poison the mind and soul. They corrupt themselves and live a life only based off of a short-term desire and nothing more. As a result of the poisoning of the mind and soul each individual loses control over their entire being. They are now the host of a demonic parasite that attaches to the brain that slowly and painfully sucks them dry while releasing fluids that slowly drives them to insanity. This level of hell contains individuals that married through the power of God and went against their vow and had relations outside of their marriage relationship. For breaking their vows they swore to God, they must now endure the slow ripping and pulling of the reproductive organs with a firey shard of metal while tied to a table of snakes. Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy are encountered in this circle of hell because of their lack of faithfulness to their wives during marriage. Benjamin Franklin had many relations with his slaves; one resulted in a child. When news came out that Franklin had a child with a slave he did everything in his power to hide it.While John F. Kennedy had an affair with a women and lied about it; it was later revealed to be true also. The people in this circle based their entire human lives on lies. Their lies had disastrous effects on them and others around them. They are known for lying to get what they want and for harming the people threatening to expose the truth. These special individuals are chained to a table where they will have screws driven into all fingers and toes. Anyone who struggles will have their tongue ripped out and thrown into a ditch of rats that will eat them alive. Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon both lied to the Nation during their presidency. They deceived thousands of people with their promises of change and new policies. During his presidency Nixon was accused of receiving $18,235 from private citizens, which he admitted was true in a television interview. The next major crisis during Nixon's Presidency was Watergate. It was as a political scandal during the 1970's. It involved the breaking-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. Nixon administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement but, it was not successful. Effects of the scandal eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon.He was also involved in direct involvement in the domestic, assassination plots of the 1960's. These are the souls of the people who in their human life took advantage of a situation and made it so that it benefited them. At this point each soul will be judged by the head demon Lilith to see which sub-circle they belong in. While waiting to be judged, lower level demons take possession of the soul and twists and bends it inflicting unbearable pain. Souls that strayed from normal human practices are placed here. They will be forced to run through a dark forest with lead weights shackled to each ankle, while trying to escape from hell hounds that will tear off the flesh from their bones. Souls that inflicted harm on to people so they could get what they wanted. They will have each joint slowly dislocated by demons that are pulling the body in every possible direction. These souls will also be stripped naked and have iron hooks and chains stabbed through shoulders. The individual will then be dragged along fiery rocks by hell hounds until all skin and muscle is disintegrated. This sub-circle contains all of the people who inflicted physical or mental harm to themselves. They must spend eternity on Hell's rack of hooks and chains. There they will be cut, ripped, probed and molested by demons that specialize in torture. All of the unfortunate souls that never realized that they had a perfect life set out for them. They searched for other methods that made them feel superior to others. Since these souls could never see the good in their life, they will not be able to see anything in Hell either. They will have their eyes pulled out and placed in jars, their skin flayed off and are forced to live in a metal box that grows hotter as time passes. These are all of the once human souls that only thought about themselves. They neglected others and God by thinking they are better than everything in existence. While in the ninth circle every soul will meet Lucifer. He will then manipulate the soul and body until it becomes his personal demon. He will leave the demon with a burning sensation that grows stronger with time. All souls that enter Hell will be designated a circle by the demon king of souls, Crowley. My guide pointed out a soul he believed I would recognize. As the soul came closer I could see that it was Ted Bundy. My master told me that Ted Bundy was one of the most well know murders of women in American history. He was a serial killer that attacked, raped and murdered women for pleasure. Ted Bundy was described as charming and intelligent man. These were the traits that allowed him to get close to his victims. He selected his victims from colleges across the states that he enrolled in. He displayed their heads in his apartment and slept with their corpses until putrefaction made it unbearable. Bundy had confessed to 30 murders, though the actual number of his victims remains unknown. At the time of his trial he asked for a plea bargain but it was denied and he died in the electric chair. Another man that defiled women was Pope Sixtus III. He spent most of his reign repairing the damage done to Rome but, in his spare time he enjoyed sleeping with nuns. He was then later charged with seducing nuns. Many people find the best way to get out of their misery is by inflicting harm onto them. Queen Cleopatra is a unique soul because she killed herself by inducing her own snake to bite her. Compared to Virginia Woolf, who was a famous writer who drowned herself. Attila the Hun was the feared enemy of Rome; he attacked and devastated many people. This circle also holds Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was an angry, excessively cruel person who would impale his victims. My master said that he is the most devious man that lived because of the crimes he committed against humanity, his merciless nature and his love of watching the suffering of others. It has been estimated that Vlad killed about 20,000 men, women and children. The amount of people he killed varies however ranging into the high 50,000’s. He showed no mercy and often tortured his enemies before killing them. There are many types of manipulations against acquaintances but, some well known ones are: John Wilkes Booth and Samuel Sheppard. Booth is known as the man who shot President Lincoln in the back of the head in Fords Theater. While my master Jensen and i walked along he recognized a soul from a far being pulled apart by vicious demons. He stopped me told me it was Samuel Sheppard. Sheppard was convicted of killing his pregnant wife Marilyn Sheppard by stabbing her about 35 times. Sheppard over heard what my guide was telling me and claimed his wife was killed by a bushy-haired man who also attacked him and twice knocked him unconscious. My master guide told me he was lying to us and it was revealed during the course of the investigation and trial that Sheppard had a three-year-long affair with Susan Hayes, a nurse at the hospital where Sheppard was employed, which is what motivated Sheppard to murder his wife. Two of the most well known greedy criminals are the famous duo of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. They were well-known outlaws, robbers, and criminals who traveled the Central United States. They were believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries. Lucifer Guided by: Jensen Ackles He is a hunter of the supernatural and has been to hell and back. He knows what it takes to survive the trip. Jensen Ackles is an actor from the hit television show Supernatural. In Supernatural he has died and went to hell, returned, faced countless demons, rebellious angles and Lucifer himself. He has also starred in countless other shows and movies regarding the supernatural and traveling to hell. Since the beginning of time there were many lazy individuals including George Washington and James Madison. These two men owned hundreds of slaves who they forced to do all of their work. With my master and guide Jensen by my side he began to tell me the story of Geroge Washington. He said slavery was a major part of George Washington's entire life. He became a slave owner at the age of 11 when he inherited about 10 or 11 slaves as a result of his father's death. During the remainder of his life, he owned more and more slaves. At the time of this death there were about 316 slaves at Mount Vernon. Washington’s slaves were simply a part of his desire to make profits from tobacco and grain cultivation and keep debts to a minimum. Master Jensen introduces this circle as one where one will find a multitude of criminals. Most criminals commit crimes because they are envious of others. For example, Robert Berdella and John Wayne Gacy are two men that tortured and murdered their victims because they were not happy with themselves. In order to receive some happiness and form of gratification, they inflicted pain and emotional abuse on others. My guide Jensen and I encountered John Gacy. Jensen told me that he was known as the “Killer Clown" because he dressed up as a clown at fundraising events, parades and children's parties where he could disguise himself to get close to his victims. He was charged with sexually assaulting and murdering at least 33 teenage boys and young men within a six year span. My guide told me that he buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space of his home, buried three others elsewhere on his property, and discarded the remains of his last four known victims in a nearby river. There are many things that people find go against human nature. Cannibalism is one of them. Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish are two well known cannibals. Dahmer was responsible for seventeen gruesome murders of young men. My master Jensen took me by the hand and walked me over to a man who was running out of the forest. He introduced the dirty mas as Albert Fish. He told me Fish was known for being one of the most vile pedophiles and killers of all time; he admitted to molesting dozens of children and tortured and killed several others. Fish interjected boasting that he "had children in every state." He also told us that his choice in victims would be either mentally handicapped or African-American because he assumed these people would not be missed when they died. The last soul that I encountered in Hell was the worst of them all. It was Adolf Hitler. Jensen, my master guide, told me that most of Hitler’s extreme political and racial ideas originated when he was around the age of 16. It was at this time that he struggled to make a living as a painter in Vienna. After moving, he began to rebuild the Nazi Party. He used new techniques of mass communication backed up with violence to get his message across. Hitler became chancellor and he quickly took dictatorial powers and began to institute anti-Jewish laws. With the new anti-Jewish laws in action, he killed approximately six million or more Jewish people. This massive streak of killing is known as the Holocaust. It was his process of German militarization and territorial expansion that would eventually lead to what we know now as World War II; killing thousands of individuals. The Nazi party was also known for the slaughtering of gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, people with disabilities and others whom the Nazis designated as "inferior." As my master and I made it farther through Hell I began to become more afraid. My guide managed to calm me down by diverting my attention to another soul, Joesph Stalin, who he began to tell me about. Joesph Stalin caused political and administrative catastrophes. Stalin promoted himself as his political heir after the death of Lenin and gradually took down his rivals. By the late 1920s, Stalin became the dictator of the Soviet Union. He forced collectivization of agriculture and his program of rapid industrialization. He tried to achieve huge increases in Soviet productivity and economic growth but, at the cost of millions of lives. The population suffered immensely during the Great Terror of the 1930s. It was during this time in which Stalin purged the party of 'enemies of the people'. This resulted in the execution of thousands and the exile of millions to slave labor camps. The purges within the Soviet Union estimated the total number murdered ranging from 10 to 60 million. Saloth Sar (Pol Pot) combined slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care and executions in his reign that estimated to have killed around 2 million Cambodians. Lustful Envious? Want to make a deal? Ready to meet Lucifer? The Ultimate Sinner!
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