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How Sir Galahad found the Holy Grail and died of that finding

The Quest of the Holy Grail - Last Part

Kadi Kukk

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of How Sir Galahad found the Holy Grail and died of that finding

By Kadi Kukk How Sir Galahad Found The Holy Graal And Died Of That Finding Beginning In the beginning of the story Sir Galahad, Sir Bors and Sir Percivale have found the Holy Grail and are journeying back to King Arthurs court. The three knights stop at the welcome court of King Pelles.
At midnight, they hear a voice telling them to leave the castle. King Pelles's castle They rode for three days until they came to shore and found a ship awaiting them.
Sir Galahad prayed to leave the land of the living whenever he chooses to.
Once again a voice tells Sir Galahad that his wish is granted.
Sir Percivale also hears the voice. The Ship Soon the three knights arrived in Sarras.
They carry the Holy Graal, placed on a heavy silver table, through the gates.
There Sir Galahad sees a crooked old man and insists for his help with carrying.
The man does and his crooked back is miraculously cured.
Rumors of the three knights spread. The King called them in for questioning and although they told the King the truth about the Holy Graal, the King didn't believe the knights and put them in prison. The City of Sarras How Sir Galahad dies King Galahad prayed in front of the Holy Graal every day.
One day the new King called Sir Bors and Sir Percivale to his court.
Suddenly he saw a man that looked like a bishop and who was encircled by angels. He was holding the Holy Graal.
He said to Galahad: "Come forth, thou servant of Christ, and thou shalt see what thou hast much desired to see"
As a last wish King Galahad wished that Sir Bors salutes his father, Sir Launcelot.
Then the King went with the angels to heaven, taking the Holy Graal with him. How Sir Galahad becomes King A year later the King fell sick and died.
Confusion over the next ruler overcame the city.
Again, a voice appeared to the people of Sarras and told them to make the youngest of the three knights King.
Sir Galahad was crowned King. Ending King Galahad is buried in Sarras.
Two months later Sir Percivale also dies and is buried next to King Galahad.
Sir Bors leaves the city and goes to Camelot.
In the very end of the story he fulfills King Galahad's last wish and salutes Sir Launcelot. Bibliography "The Quest of the Holy Graal: XI: How Sir Galahad Found The Graal And Died Of That Finding." The Quest of the Holy Graal: XI: How Sir Galahad Found The Graal And Died Of That Finding. Ed. Andrew Lang. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2013.
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