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Copy of What is Salat al- Musafir?

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Volly Be

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of What is Salat al- Musafir?

Salat al Musafir
Allah makes worship and practicing Islam simple for muslims. During travel, Allah allows travelers to shorten and combine their prayers. Salat al Musafir means the traveler's prayer.
What is Salat al Musafir?

Allah allows travelers to shorten the regular prayers. Rasoolullah taught us that only Thuhr, Asr, and Ishaa prayers can be shortened. Fajr and Maghrib prayers should be prayed normally in their regular raka'aat.
If there is a group of people traveling together and they all want to pray jama'ah prayer, the Athaan and Iqamah should be made. However, they are performed a little differently. You only say one Athaan in the combined prayers. But each prayer must have a separate Iqamah.
Example: Maghrib-Ishaa
Muathin makes one Athaan and Iqamah, then the Imam would lead Maghrib prayer.
They will get up again and the Muathin would make Iqamah again and the Imam would lead the shortened Ishaa prayer.
Athaan & Iqamah for Salat al Musafir
Salat al Musafir

Qasr, or shortening the prayers
There is a specific combination when you want to pray jame'. They are:
Thuhr and Asr
, and
Maghrib and Ishaa
. You can't mix it up like praying Asr with Maghrib or Thuhr with Ishaa. Fajr has no combination, so it can't be combined with other prayers. You have to pray it alone.
Jame', or combining the prayers
Who is a traveler?
A Muslim traveler in this case,is any Muslim who travels!
What is the duration that we can pray Salat al Musafir?
A traveler may perform Salat al Musafir the entire time he/she is on a journey and away from home.
For example, if Laila wants to go to Dubai, and it takes her 3 hours to get there, she may pray Salat al Musafir for those three hours. Laila will stay in a hotel in Dubai for three days. Since Laila decided to stay as a guest, she may perform Salat al Musafir in Dubai in addition to the other three days coming back to Ruwais.
You can't shorten Fajr prayer.
You can't shorten Maghrib prayer.
Shorten Thuhr prayer.
Shorten Asr prayer.
Shorten Ishaa prayer.
Combine Thuhr and Asr during Thuhr or Asr prayer.
Combine Maghrib and Ishaa during Maghrib or Ishaa prayer.
3 raka'aat +2 raka'aat = Combination
(Ishaa prayer is shorten)
You have to be at least 80 km from your house to perform Salat al Musafir.
By: Nurul Alifya 6A
Fajr: 2-2
Thuhr: 4-2
Asr: 4-2
Maghrib: 3-3
Ishaa: 4-2
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