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Habibie's Achievements

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aziza wienneta

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Habibie's Achievements

Indonesia Under Habibie's

Was he successful leading Indonesia?

What are some of his best achievements?

Why was he chosen by the parliament to lead our country, Indonesia?
June 15 1936
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie or B.J. Habibie was born in Parepare, located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

He has his study in University around Bandung and moved to German to extend further hi knowledge. In fact, his major subjects are math and science.

He tried along this year and finally got his title Diploma Ingenieur. He met a woman in Indonesia.

He married the woman he met two years ago, her name was Hasri Ainun Besari.
Problems he faced
Habibie faced opposition from the government, Golkar, in July 1998, he struggled
to win the control of the party, by choosing Akbar Tandjung as the head of the party. But, he managed to defeat his rival including former Vice President.
Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Habibie) was born in June 25 1936, Parepare, South Sulawesi.
His spouse is Hasri Ainun Besari and they have 2 kids.
His occupation is an engineer, politician and aviation industrialist.
He was chosen to lead Indonesia because when Soeharto resigned, there was no one to replace him as the President of Indonesia. The only choice was his vice president (Habibie)
He led Indonesia for a year and a few months.
He is now 79 years old
Average Unemployment in
1998 - 1999
The average unemployment:

1998: 5,46%
1999: 6,38%

The rate is getting higher and higher.
The rate increases by 0,96% which almost reach 1%

(Increase? Decrease?)
Habibie’s presidency started at 1998, during that time the currency of Indonesia decreased dramatically, 1 USD was worth Rp 17 000. But as time passed, Indonesia grew, Habibie managed to increase our currency, from Rp 17 000, at 1999, 1 USD was worth Rp 7000.
The World's reaction
Habibie's Fall
Habibie may have loosened the restrictions of Indonesia's press, and political party laws upon being the President of Indonesia.
But everyone protested, there were riots everywhere due to Suharto's 31 years of presidency. All of this led to crisis, food shortage and also a mass of unemployment.
So, Habibie stayed in a such short period because he held an early democratic election (1999) a year after he started being president (1998).
The average of poverty:

1998: 49,5%
1999: 48,4%

The rate is decreasing by 1,1% in Habibie's ruling era.
Average Poverty in Indonesia
1998 - 1999
Aziza, Saki, Bianca, Kezia
Habibie was successful at leading Indonesia, because he managed to bring Indonesia out off crisis, he increased Indonesia's currency, Rupiah.

Although he lost a part of Indonesia's territory, East Timor.

At the start of Habibie's presidency, the world assumed that with a new leader, Indonesia will rise from their crisis.

But at the same time, Habibie received lots of angry calls from world leaders. The world leaders was enraged at Indonesia's cynicism leadership (Suharto) and cruelty towards innocent people
At 1974, he became the vice president of MBB and after several months, he returned to Indonesia

He became the Chief Executive Office of IPTN

March 10 1998.
Habibie was chosen to be Suharto's vice president.

May 21 1998.
Suharto resigned from his position as President of Indonesia, and Habibie was chosen to replace Suharto.

Not long after he became President, he held an early democratic election for the next president.




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