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2014-15 Family Orientation

Prior Lake - Savage Area Schools Circle of Friends Preschool

Michelle P.

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of 2014-15 Family Orientation

Who You'll Find in Edgewood School
There's a lot going on in preschool!
You play an important role in your child's first day of school experience.
Attendance Matters... even in preschool.
Building confidence
Practicing skills
Developing relationships
Instilling positive habits

It's all good... but please don't send them to school if they are ill!
To report absences, please leave a detailed message at 952-226-0958.
Circle of Friends Preschool
Early Childhood Family Education
Early Childhood Screening
Early Childhood Special Education
La ola del lago Spanish Immersion Kindergarten
Kids' Company (before & after school care)
Early Learners Academy full-week program
Even children who love school can find it hard to say goodbye to family.
It all starts with parents!
Meet the Edgewood School Advisory Council

When you leave this orientation, you'll know more about:
Our school
Our parents
Our program
Our policies
Our tips for getting the most out of preschool
Our tips for first day (week/month) jitters
Circle of Friends Preschool
Sometimes it's harder on you.
Let your child know you trust us.
We comfort. We emotion coach. We redirect.
If your child is inconsolable, we WILL call you.
Create a ritual for the drop off routine.
Have a "pick-up line."
Always come back on time!
2014-15 Parent/Caregiver Orientation

It really is easier if they have the right stuff.
Label everything... backpack, coat, mittens, hats, boots and shoes.
Backpacks: not too big, not too small, but just right!
Dressed for learning through active play and participation.
Make it manageable: Easy on and easy off
Closed-toe shoes without heels.
Dressed for mess (including paint!)
Choose clothing appropriate for the weather.
It can be challenging
We know that caring for children can be exhausting and we believe all parents/caregivers can benefit from support and information. If you have questions or are facing challenges that may impact your child's ability to learn, please reach out.

Snacks and Celebrations
Preschoolers have tiny tummies and some children may need a snack at some point in the day.
Other children may not.
We will have a snack available, either as part of group time or as an option in free choice time.

Families are encouraged to contribute snack items; please see list in parent handbook.

A successful day at school starts long before you drop them off at our door.
Send them to school:
~ well rested ~ well fed
~ in good health ~ on time
~ on a positive note

Allow enough time. Having to rush makes everyone feel stressed!

Let your child know what to expect.
~ get to know the calendar!
The transition to preschool
is not a
one-time event
The transition begins before your children ever enter our school and it continues throughout the year.
Each day includes learning through guided play,
self-directed exploration, and structured activities.
We move our bodies to engage our brains.

Each teacher develops a schedule that best meets the needs of her class.
We practice ways to stay safe.
Your involvement is important to your child and to our school!
Volunteer in the classroom (NOTE: We delay having parent volunteers in our rooms until our preschoolers are ready).
Prepare materials for preschool projects.
Chaperone field trips.
Attend family events.
Sign on to Schoology.
Read newsletters and monthly calendars.
Participate in goal setting conferences.
Sometimes we do something more...
Field trips, special presentations, classroom celebrations
We cooperate and learn together.
Richie Kucinski, Edgewood School Early Learning Coordinator: 952-226-0950
Michelle Prosen, School Readiness Coordinator: 952-226-0954
Let us know:
Any issue that may impact learning,
Medications your child may need,
Health restrictions,
Allergies to pets, food products, insect stings, etc.,
Contact our nurse to develop a health plan if needed.
State Requirements
Early Childhood Screening must be completed within 90 days.

To go to school in Minnesota, students must show they’ve had appropriate immunizations or file a legal exemption with the school.
Parents may file a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a conscientious objection signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.
and Development
Early Childhood Screening Nurse
Phone: 952-226-0973
For more information, contact Deb Tribby
Room #: 201 Phone #: 952-226-0975
e-mail: dtribby@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us
Fax #: 952-226-0935
Thing you need to know;
Things we need to know.
Each class will develop a plan to celebrate special days based on the unique make up of students.

If you would like to invite classmates to playdates or parties, please use the parent directory to make connections. Teachers can not share contact information and children will not be allowed
to pass our invitations.
Available resources:
Early Childhood Family Education Classes
Licensed parent educators
Parent lending library
Children's activity packets
Referrals to community resources
Practical supports (winter coats, etc).
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