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Residential Schools

No description

Carrington Catabay

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Residential Schools

Residential Schools-The Destruction of a Culture
By: Carrington, Kate and Maggie
In the 1870’s the Canadian government established residential schools all across Canada.
It was then that the colonists began to force the belief of Christ on the First Nations people.
The idea of residential schools began with the colonists. It was linked to the Indian Act and their belief that the First Nations people were savages and that there was no possible way they could adapt to the constantly changing world.
Later in the 19th century the Canadian government believed that in order for First Nation children to be “normal” they had to properly educate them.
Many First Nations children were taken away from their families because the colonists wanted to assimilate them into Canadian society. Our government is responsible for ruining a culture that was once dominant in it's land.
Children in residential schools were often physically abused routinely. When children died, it was considered normal because it happened so often.
Children who grew up in residential schools up until their closure turned to alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide when they were older.
Many Natives are victims of domestic violence. It is linked to residential schools because of how badly they were treated there.
At least 3000 children died in residential schools.
If the children spoke in their language, their tongues would be pierced with a needle as a punishment.
The last residential school to close was The Gordon Residential School. It was closed in 1996.
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Residential schools have had lasting impacts on the Native society all over Canada. It impacted some lives positively, but it impacted most lives negatively.
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