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Wyatt Earp

Wild Wild West Cowboy Killer

Kenny Sheldon

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp Born in Monmouth, IL on March 19 1840. Wyatt got his name from a Captain in the American - Mexican War. At the age of 13 Wyatt ran away several times to join the union army, but got caught by his dad every time. In the Spring of 1868 the Earps setteled Missouri where Wyatt's dad was appointed Justice Of Peace. Wyatt and his brother Virgil moved to Tobstone, AZ. Virgil became a Deputy. On July 1880 Virgil acused Frank McLaury of being a cowboy. Wyatt Earp later caught Frank McLaury stealing six army mules and changing the brand from U.S. to D.8. This incident marked the beginning of animosity between the Earp's and McLaury's. Wyatt Earp is now a Deputy On October 28 Tombstone Marshall Fred White was shot in the balls while trying to stop a group of guys shooting at the moon. Wyatt came out to his aid and grabbed the guys gun that shot Fred, and hit him on the head with it. 12 days later Wyatt quit being a marshall because he was a republican and his boss was a democrat. Because Wyatt quit his job he was low on money but still got some from mining silver. Tensions began to rise between the Earps and the Clanton's and the McLaury's. On October 26 1881, the tensions of the Earps and the Cowboys came to a head. Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp requested help from Doc Holiday ( a friend of Wyatt) and Wyatt to support them with the preperation of a gunfight. Wyatt and Doc were both made deputys prior to this gunfight. The Earps then headed down to where they thought the Cowboys were (O.K. Corral) an old ally at 3:00 where indeed the Cowboys were there. Morgan said "let them have it" to which Doc replied alright. but Virgil did not come with expectations to fight but for the Cowboys to give themselves up for many acounts of Robery, but of course they replied with shooting at the lawman and the lawman shot back and the Cowboys were all shot except for one who retreated. The Earps won the fight completely un injured and went home. Later on the Cowboy who ran off went and got the leader of a big group of Cowboys (Johnny Ringo). Then all the Cowboys in the area went up in arms against the law and shot the two Sherrifs Virgil and Morgan. Wyatt did all he could to save his brother Morgan but he bled to death, and Virgil had his arm cut off, to keep an infection from the bullet woond from expanding. Wyatt went on a bloody rampage killing all the Cowboys who shot his brothers with Doc Holiday and a few other men that he knew, and they ended up killing all of them. After they were done killing the Cowboys, Wyatt left Arizona with his Brother Virgil. The Movie is much better than listening to me so i suggest you watch, its called Tombstone and the actor for Wyatt Earp is Kurt Russel. Morgan Earp Virgil Earp Doc Holiday Johnny Ringo
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