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Reference 101

No description

Anne Aita

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Reference 101

Resources Finding
Resources Beyond Wikipedia Accessing the Library Catalog: Make sure you're searching
the right location!!!

Choose your search
button carefully! Discus
Digital Information for South Carolina USers What are the benefits and drawbacks
of printed reference materials? How to use them and when Start > All Programs > Media Center > SC Discus "Free Web" vs. "Deep Web" Resources Start > All Programs > Media Center > Destiny Catalog English Standard Ready References are print resources that provide basic information of interest to most people (like the phone book!) Thesauruses Almanacs Dictionaries But what about web references like...... Essential 2 - 5.4 Create a persuasive essay with a clear thesis, which is supported by research Information Literacy Standard 8-2 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate research sources And now...
Let's Put it All Together. Boston Columnist Resigns Amid New Plagiarism Charges.” CNN.com 19 Aug. 1998.
3 March 2003. <http://www.cnn.com/US/9808/19/barnicle/>

Fain, Margaret. “Internet Paper Mills.” Kimbal Library. 12 Feb. 2003.

Lathrop, Ann and Kathleen Foss. Student Cheating and Plagiarism in the Internet
Era. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 2000.

Lewis, Mark. “Doris Kearns Goodwin And The Credibility Gap.” Forbes.com 2 Feb.
2002. <http://www.forbes.com/2002/02/27/0227goodwin.html>

“New York Times Exposes Fraud of own Reporter.” ABC News Online. 12 May

Sabato, Larry J. “Joseph Biden’s Plagiarism; Michael Dukakis’s ‘Attack Video’ –
1988.” Washington Post Online. 1998. 3 March 2002.
<http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpsrv/politics/special/clinton/frenzy/biden.htm> Works Cited Now What? Is your book available? Where is it? 1. Sample HSAP Question
2. Using dictionaries effectively A book of synonyms, often including related and contrasting words and antonyms I had fun at the beach with my family. We had a fun time splashing in the waves, and it was really fun to build a sandcastle. Again, Guidewords & Tabs are your friends
An "almost dictionary"
Add variety & interest to your writing - carefully! An annual reference book of useful and interesting facts. Start with:
Table of Contents
Quick Reference Index
General Index
Choose your search terms carefully! a book or set of books containing articles on various topics, usually in alphabetical arrangement An encyclopedia is a great place to start if you need a BASIC INTRODUCTION to a topic. For example:

What is Braille? START with wikipedia.
Don't END with wikipedia. Let it guide you to more credible, "citable" sources. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pt_barnum Anyone can access it (or add to it)
Can be VERY hard to determine author & date Subscription and/or paid content
Not "Google-able"
Ex. Library Databases (like http://scdiscus.org) Reference Question: Was Phineas Taylor Barnum a
pioneering entertainer or a dishonest conman? The "Free Web" The "Deep Web" Now what... Start researching your topic and pre-writing.
The books are arranged on the cart by category
Looking for the Opposing Viewpoints database?
Go to: www.scdiscus.org Before using a research source, ask yourself:
Is it crap? A uthority P urpose Who wrote it?
Why should you believe him? Why was it written?
Is it biased? R eliability Does the author give credit to his sources?
Is it opinion or fact? C urrency When was it published/updated?
Is this "current enough" for your topic? Ready 1. Sample HSAP Question
2. Using thesauruses effectively Record Temperatures by State

Notable Shipwrecks Since 1854

Broadband Internet Access in the U.S. by gender, age, ethnicity, income, etc.

Odds of getting a royal flush in 5-card poker (it's 649,739 to 1) Encyclopedias Some words have multiple meanings.
Context matters!
Trouble spelling? Try electronic versions
Special features?
In a hurry? Use guidewords and tabs! I had fun at the beach with my family. We had a delightful time splashing in the waves, and it was really exciting to build a sandcastle. I had recreation at the beach with my family. We had a blithesome time splashing in the waves, and it was really mirthful to build a sandcastle. becomes The "original Google" How many ounces of gold was produced in Ghana in 1999? Start with the simplest keyword. Get more specific IF you need to.

How would this information be organized???
By year? By metal type? By country? Break into your assigned groups

First group to answer all the questions correctly wins!

Print resources only! Etymology Abbreviations
(In the front of the dictionary)

Fr. = French
Gk. = Greek
Lat. = Latin
Med.Lat. = Medieval Latin
OE = Old English
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