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Ancient Chinese Weapons

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jaime prine

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Chinese Weapons

List of Ancient Chinese Weapons
1. Gong
2. Qiang
3. Jian
4. Yue
5. Nu
6. Dao
7. Fu
8. Fi
- Created over 2800 years ago
- The Gong was a bow and was the most ancient form of ballistic weapon
- One of the 6 ancient arts that a gentleman man must master
- Great weapon of ranged attack
- Most common long handled spear used by Chinese
- It had a leaf shaped blade and red tassels hanging off
- The tassels were used to keep blood from seeping down the handle and to disorient the enemies
- They were usually 9 feet long or longer
-The Jian is a double edged straight sword that was one of the most commonly used weapons used in ancient China
- The blade length was around 28 inches
- This weapon weighed close to 2 pounds and is a single handed weapon
Ancient Chinese Weapons
-The Yue is a massive axe used mostly by imperial guards
- The Yue was most effective against heavy armor and was extremely long
The Nu was a repeating crossbow that used interchangable parts which allowed it to be mass produced.
The Nu was effective for up to 100 yards.
The Nu was the influential weapon in all of China.
The Nu united China under one roof by being so unstoppable.

The Dao is a single sword that was used for hacking and slashing. The blade is curved and the Dao is a single handed weapon.
The Ji was a chinese halberb that had 3 jagged edges. The Ji was commonly used by light infantry and could be used like a spear too.
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