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Converter IDentification (CID) Systems

No description

Becky Berube

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Converter IDentification (CID) Systems

Converter IDentification (CID) Systems™
Demand and Supply of PGMs
By: Becky Berube
United Catalyst Corporation

Recycled PGM Supply from Autocat
Selling Methods
Know true converter values
Buy more cars
Buy more cats

65% of the demand for these metals comes from the automotive sector

Demand for Platinum Group Metals
Spent automotive catalyst accounts for 80% of the secondary supply.
Collector grades on-site and pays for converters.

Pro: Payment is immediate

Con: Grading and pricing are subjective
Most common method - By the Piece
The past two years there has been a proliferation of the scrap catalytic converter price list to include serial numbers.

Pro: Grading more reliable

Con: Pricing still subjective
Increasingly more common - By the Number
Scientifically accurate and reliable results when processed, tested, and refined by companies with expertise.

Pro: The only method which can reveal true value. Eliminates grading issues. Can eliminate pricing issues if tested and hedged properly

Con: Payment is not immediate

How do you get from a cat to metal? And what's in it for me?
Processing and Refining Autocat
United Catalyst Corporation is an independent processor of scrap catalytic converters
1. By individual recycling lot

2. By converter groups

3. By year, make, model and VIN

4. Data is owned by both United Catalyst Corporation and the Recycler or Manufacturer
Test, Process, and Refine all Converters
Converter IDentification (CID) Systems™

All testing and refining is performed by global leaders known for their scientific accuracy, reliability, transparency, and financial strength.
A parntership with North American recyclers and manufacturers
By Assay
Your ownership in the PGM supply chain
TRUE PARTNERSHIP: Manufacturer, Recycler, Processor, Refiner
Mining - 80%
Recycling - 20%
Image from http://www.ltu.se/
kosasihiskandarsjdn (2008 Jan 11) Cathode Ray Tube and Electron retrieved 2012 Dec 1 from www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU8nMKkzbT8
kosasihiskandarsjdn (2008 Jan 11) Cathode Ray Tube and Electron retrieved 2012 Dec 1 from www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU8nMKkzbT8
kosasihiskandarsjdn (2008 Jan 11) Cathode Ray Tube and Electron retrieved 2012 Dec 1 from www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU8nMKkzbT8
Platinum image from www.miningne.ws; Lincoln MKX image from www.caranddriver.com
Independent Processing and Refining
You own the material in process

Transparent - the contract, the charges, the returns
Eliminates grading and pricing concerns
Assay-based Selling
The only way to reveal true converter values

Converters are sampled and tested
Precious metal content is determined
True value, less charges, is paid
Data in hand - Cash in the drawer

True partnership
Retain ownership
Own the data
Know true converter values
Image of Mogolokwena Platinum mine from http://blogs.agu.org/
Image from United Catalyst Corporation
Image from bringsmile.org
What are you selling? A scrap catalytic converter?
A core? Or a commodity?
Image from Umicore
Image from www.process-worldwide.com

Supply of Platinum Group Metals
Less than 10 smelters/refiners globally

Image from Umicore

Takes Global Expertise
Converter IDentification (CID) Systems™ allows recyclers to get paid how you need to – when you need to – without compromising full value.


True Value

Contact Us:

Senter Smith

Becky Berube
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