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Who is Nash Grier?

No description

Sierra Boyer

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Who is Nash Grier?

Who is Nash Grier?...
Nash Grier is the number one most followed person on the 6-second video social media app, Vine.
Nash has a little sister named Skylyn
Nash and Skylynn made videos together and posted them online and that is how his career started.
Nash now has 5,060,799 followers and it is still going. He gains about 200,000 followers a week.
Nash also has a brother named Hayes Grier who makes vines too.
Nash was on GMA(Good Morning America) to talk about his success on vine. He has also been on other shows for an interveiw.
Nash is a young intuitive teenager with big aspirations. He plays lacrosse and currently goes to high school on the East Coast. He has aspirations in filming, producing, and acting. He currently is looking for a path to pursue this on. Nash's love for movie making and acting began on a social media app (Vine) which he now has 2 million + followers on! Nash plans to channel his momentum and following on to the big screen one day, as of now he's looking for the right agent/group/manager to do so
Nash currently does meet and greets, hosts small events, and streams online to his combined 2.5 million social media followers/subscribers. He is beginning to make the switch to YouTube where he will make longer videos as well as continue his work on vine! Nash has worked with many brands big and small on social media but he now aspires to move his attributes from the computer to the television where he has already made few appearances on shows like "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition". Nash is one of the fastest increasing social media sensations in history. He gains (approx.) 200,000 + followers a week and got 1,000,000 + just last month on vine alone.
Nash is very successful and has
a great future in acting.
thanks for watching:)
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