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Welcome to M

The introductory session MFutures

alex mcmanus

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to M

Harnessing the Power
of Your Strategic and Ideational Leadership

Homes are now made either completely out of organic materials to blend in with their natural surroundings or they are printed.
The global population peaked at 10 billion in the 21st century but then flattened out and began a slight decline.
The world's population is older and younger people are relatively rare.
Reverse urbanization is the new trend as these younger populations leave the cities for the romance of life in the "natural sphere". Cities, with their advanced medical and lifestyle upgrades, become ghettos for the elderly.
As the new century approaches, religious tensions mount
China champions human rights and religious freedom
Paper money becomes an artifact of the past
The world's currency is the electronic "real"
All transactions are performed via fingerprints and eyescans
The "adoption" of Sensitive Machines
Life spans estimated from hundreds to thousands of years.
Two species of humans recognized.
Cyborgs and Humanoid households legalized
Organic/ electronic marriage sanctioned
All mammals granted human rights
And God is in all the futures and with us in them.
Our human families include a variety of couplings and inter-species extensions which, in our case, includes our genetically enhanced dog, our genetically enhanced dolphin with whom we maintain our bio-organic- reef home at the bottom of the Bay, and our nanny bot.
My world comprises the human colonies
on land, beneath the seas, the frigid zones, and experimental fledgling colonies on Mars and the moon.
The evolutionary trajectories of our DIY adaptation to new environments has brought us to the brink of introducing a new branch of Homo Sapient into the natural world.
"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." James T. Kirk
The unthinkable happened. My world no longer has any poor.
Ample food supplies and clothing --pretty much anything one needs -- are now printed at our local community center..

Because of the "great calamity" that threatened to destroy the whole world, there is now one global religion we call the way of manuh.

We are kept safe because there is no longer any such thing as a secret. Thought patterns that may lead to disruptions are flagged. We still have the right to assemble, but we do not have the right to keep our thoughts to ourselves. Whoever thought that was a good idea anyway?
Global Religion Inspired by a Trigger Event
Human/ Robot marriage and households sought
AI -- is it tool or a "mind"?
The race for human enhancements reaches the point of no return
All primates, Dolphin, and Whale achieve human rights
The world is no longer recognizably dominated by nation states.
The populations of western culture ages and declines.
The USA, Canada, Japan, and Germany compete for Mexican and Salvadoran Immigrants
Japan recommissions a navy
Poland emerges as an economic power
The USA continues to controls the seas through three geosynchronous satellites in orbit
The creation of the first synthetic life form
The first 3-D printing of an organ
The Rise Sensitive Robots
Primate Human Rights (Spain)
Animal Rights (Costa Rica)
Google Buys Robotics Firm
Atheists Start New Churches
Astronomers estimate as many as 40 billion eta-earths in the galaxy
Birthrates declines
(and so does sexual intimacy)
First Mind to Mind Interface
Decrease in violence
In the early 90's
Alex McManus



Coach/ Mentor
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