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Ibo Sports and Games

No description

Brock Peterson

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Ibo Sports and Games

When the British came over they brought over some new sports
They did modify some sports in some ways but did not drastically change them
One of the main sports before the colonist came was wrestling
The colonist really did not influence this sport very much
One new sport that they did bring over was football (soccer)
Which the Ibo culture really did enjoy a bunch
The British also brought over tennis, boxing and track and field
Igbo Sports
Post Colonial Sports
Group members: Brock Peterson Molly Quall, Jay Nunag, Jocelyn Leyva, Derek Oda
Today's sports
Sports Compared to the United States
The main sports in igbo culture are soccer and wrestling
Soccer and Basketball are very popular in both countries
Nigeria puts more emphasis on Wrestling than the United States
In Nigeria sports like American Football and Baseball are not as popular as they are in America
This is because when they were colonized these sports weren't already there or brought there by Britain.
- The Igbo's believe that " A man is said to be a man only when he has efficiently and effectively handled trying situations".
- It's always a privilege fro young men to have the courage to engage in a wrestling match. Wrestling gives them the opportunity to distinguish themselves and to attain a statue of a star in the community.
- Wrestling has been known to be not just a sport but for other purposes as well. For instance, a popular girl who has several potential young men to marry finds it difficult to chose one. In this case, a wrestling competition is arranged for all the potential men and who ever wins, marries the girl.
Wrestling or "Abili" is the most popular sport among the igbo people. It's not just a popular sport, but is used to settle disputes, determine suitors, and build status. If you are a successful wrestler you have a high status but, if you are among the worst of wrestlers you are see as a failure in the African tribes.
must be pinned for 3 sec.
mostly played by men
weight division
In Igbo culture
number one sport
only men play
part of ceremonies
first competitor to hit the ground loses
age division
American Culture
Football is the most popular sport in Nigeria. Nigeria has one of the finest national teams in Africa and has produced many notable footballers.
Wrestling is the most popular among boys and young men, with great annual contests in every part of igbo country.
Another popular sport is football (Soccer). Traditionally played only by boys, its has been introduced to girls through the school system.
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Pre- Colonial Sports
"You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win" -Unkown
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