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NOT all jamaican's are pot heads and Rastas!!!

Why do people think that in order to be a Jamaican you have to smoke pot and have Dreadlocks?

Jawara Jarrett

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of NOT all jamaican's are pot heads and Rastas!!!

HEy Dude, u Got aNy Dro?! Bob Marley sang?
WHAAAAT!!! He's fast. and it's not because he smokes weed! (i think) Jamaicans Who don't smoke Pot: Who is to Blame: 1988 Jamaican Bob sled team Requirements to bobsled:
ICE!!! Rastafarian religion and marijuana 1) Brings you closer to jah

2) Helps you to meditate

"herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol
is the destruction..."

- Bob Marley Religious Freedom Restoration Act: "Government shall not substantially burden
a person's exercise of religion..."

"A person whose religious exercise has been burdened...
may assert that violation as a claim or defense."


If you get caught smoking pot, you can claim that you are
a rastafarian and that it's for RELIGIOUS PURPOSES!!! Sorry, Bob! But Seriously, man. It's Not cool! Not all Jamaicans have dreads and smoke weed. Yes, Bob may have done it (a lot!), but that's not all he stood for. He was a great musician and a good man! It's a shame that my generation only pays attention to just his pot use. And remember:
getting stoned isn't cool! Don't try this... anywhere!!! and guys like this.
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