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My dream job as a photographer

No description

Gabriella Garay

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of My dream job as a photographer

photographer by: gabby garay a photographer can take pictures of everything from kids playing to animals in the jungle to fashion shows to scenes of new events. photographers can take
color or black and white photos, and
use many
different pieces of equipment
to get exactly the pictures they
want. photographer- $34,000 the salary they get -knowledge of cameras, flashes,
computers, lenses, and films. they need: event photographers- $39,000 wedding photographer- $204,000 newborn photographer- $29,000 pet photographer- $29,000 - to control light and achieve
different photographic effects. - -skills in processing digital and/or
film images - good communicators and able to make people feel relaxed -technically skilled. many posiitions also require photographers to have
at least a bachelors degree in photography.
colleges and universities also offer
graduate degree programs
in photography toward
students looking to
advince their skills
or teach at
there college
level advantages:
-establish technology
-inexpensive, especially compared to parallel standard and camera link digital cameras

-no capability for changing camera settings on the fly
-little market varation
-more image noise compared to digital cameras you have to show progress and get better each and everyday. you have to attend work everyday,
have to be good at what your doing, you
have to have knowledge about
cameras, and you have
to show that you
are responsible. how to get a promotion employment lookout new born photography THE END they look for skills and how good you work with
computers and cameras . they want to know how
responsible you are with the camera. they want you
to be able to figure out all the equipment and the
effects with the
camera related occupations journalist
camera operators
commercial and industrial designers
film and video editors
motion pictures pet photography wedding photography event photography photographer
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