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Jazmin Sabino DD101

No description

Jazmin Sabino

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Jazmin Sabino DD101

Project 1: Photo Manipulation
This project, was one that I has a bit of a hard time with, making all of the images go blend in. I changed the final
image from colored to black and white when I was experimenting with different things and i really liked the look and it stood out
Project 2: Web Page
In this project I made a web page titled, 'The Project'. My web page is suppose to be like the behind the scenes, or making of a future comic project I planned, It would have the concept art, characters and the story. I planned to have articles featuring cool new artist to expose the masses to art in all its forms, and articles that had how to's for people who wish to also venture into the art of storytelling, and pictures. I had the most fun making the buttons, and having to deal with colour schemes because those are my strength's. Most difficult thing was making the layout, and the buttons where pretty hard to make. I used my own artwork to kinda show how I planed on showing the gallery.
Project 4: Storyboard
In this project
I used a poem narrating a girl coping with the death of a loved one and saying goodbye in a eulogy
Project 5: Animatic
'Goodbye?' which is a poem telling a story of a girl dealing with the lost of her father, and saying goodbye in a Eulogy she wrote. I chose the music to express the duality from the violin and then the electric guitar. innocence's and death.
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