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Copy of MStreamIT

No description

Lee Harris

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of MStreamIT


Streaming for everyone. From anywhere.
Top-up for Kids
MStream is now offering a brand new top-up card for kids that is simple and easy to use. This is a new way for kids to stream their favorite movies anytime at a low cost.
What is MStreamIT?
It is a new service that lets you stream latest movies and you can easily access this on your computer or even your game consoles to watch on your TV.
From only
a month
Stream any movie, anywhere you want.
Stream to any internet connected device such as computer or tablet.
Stream the latest releases to your computer.
MStreamIT is a new way to watch movies easily. Our service serves everyone at any age, from young kids to elderly, to bring them greatest hits at a low cost.
The Stream as kids go top-up card makes a great gift for young kids who are fascinated by movies
This amazing top-up cards can topped up from £5.00 - £50.00 and can be used to watch over variety of movies from MStreamIT's film collection.
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Visit our website for more information:
Contact us on:
07930102013 or 01782 319771
Email us on:
About us...
MStream's packages:
Monthly unlimited streaming
Stream as you go
Stream as kids go Top-up cards
Why don't you sign-up with MStreamIT top-up cards?
If you are happy with our services, why don't you sign-up with us for our latest offeres for you.!
MSTREAM needs YOU to help promote the company in order to increase customers.

EMAIL back to me your promotional ideas.
Adam Weinberg (the owner) has made a decision...
He has bought some advertising space (6cm wide by 12 cm high) in a magazine.

He needs to make best use of space to encourage people to visit the "Animated Movie Event"

CREATE a suitable advert. Adam has provided SOME text for the ADVERT which he would like you to use.
TEXT to use
Stream movies to your TV, computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or games console, for instant viewing. We have thousands of movies including the latest releases available. It is easy to register and we offer three different packages:
Monthly fee, unlimited streaming for only £6.99, Stream-as-you-go, Stream-as-kids-go top-up cards.

Come and visit us at The Animated Movie Event exhibition, fun for all the family where you will have the chance to mingle with film characters from the latest released movies and have an opportunity to make your own animated movies. Visit our stand at Earls Court, London, next month to learn about our different packages and receive a free gift. For further details contact us on 01632 960044 or sales@progress-media.co.uk
SELECT the appropriate medium for the type of communication....

ie - What software is "best for you" to use to produce a PROFESSIONAL advert!

Remember the dimensions & use the CORRECT text!
TRY Ai!!!!
Preparation for promotion.

ENSURE your LOGO is a suitable file format and size for the task.

TRY - FIREWORKS for this!, and ensure it is .jpeg
Use the internet to source suitable images for a publicity solution for the top-up-card.

Produce an ITEM of publicity that ADAM can use to help launch the "Stream-as-you-go" top-up card as well as to promote the company.

HELP for tasks
TRY - Ai
BUT this time set to A3

Use great images and suitable text.
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