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On The Sidewalk Bleeding

No description

roxanne sandaga

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of On The Sidewalk Bleeding

On The Sidewalk Bleeding
by Evan Hunter

"Making Notes"
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
5. Andy took off his jacket for the last bit of his energy. It is important to him because it is the only way that people will help him by not recognizing that he is a Royal. The action helped us understand the theme of the story when Andy realize if he will take off the jacket he will be the Andy before.

the sequence of events: main events in the story
The boy lay on the sidewalk bleeding in the rain. the boy's name is Andy, he wore a bright purple jacket lettering THE ROYALS. He tried to yell for help, but he had no voice. He lay in his pain, waiting, waiting for someone to find him. He wondered if Laura would be angry. He had left the jump to get the package of cigarettes. He could hear the faint sound of music now, coming from a long way off. He wondered if Laura was dancing, wondered if she had missed him yet. He thought of her face, brown eyes and jet-black hair, and thinking of her he forgot his pain a little, forgot the blood was rushing his body. He heard footsteps at the other end of the alley, and he lifted his cheek from the sidewalk and looked into darkness and tried to cry out, but again there was only a soft hissing bubble of blood in his mouth .
Theme: "Don't judge others until you know their story or who they are."
Rising Action: A drunk man found Andy on the ground laying on the sidewalk but he didn't know that Andy is bleeding. A drunk man almost called a cop but he did not do it because he thought Andy doesn't want to but instead he left Andy laying on the ground. the couple suddenly came into the alley. They ran into the alley together, running from the rain, the boy holding the girl's elbow, the girl spreading a newspaper over her head to protect her hair. Andy watched them run into the alley laughing, and then duck into the doorway not ten feet from him for a long time. Freddie found Andy laying on the ground and he saw the name "ROYALS". Angela hesitated to help Andy because he is royal. Then they left. Now, in the alley, with the cold rain washing his hot body, he wondered about the meaning. If he died, he was Andy. He was not a Royal. He was simply Andy, and he was dead. And he wondered suddenly if the Guardians who had been ambushed him and knifed him had ever once realized he was Andy? Had they known that he was Andy or had they simply known that he was Royal wearing a purple silk jacket? Had they stabbed him, Andy, or had they only stabbed the jacket and the title and what good was the title if you were dying? He felt weak and very tired. He felt alone, and wet and feverish and chilled. He knew he was going to die now. That made him suddenly sad. He was filled with sadness that his life would be over at sixteen. He felt at once as if he never done anything, never seen anything, never been anywhere. There were so many things to do. He wondered why he'd never thought of them before, wondered why the rumbles and the jumps and the purple jacket had always seemed so important to him before.
He lay struggling with the shiny wet jacket. His arms were heavy. Pain ripped fire across his body whenever he moved. But he squirmed and fought and twisted until one arm was free and then the other. He rolled away from the jacket and lay quite still, breathing heavily, listening to the sound of his breathing and the sounds of the rain and thinking: Rain is sweet, I'm Andy.
Falling Action: She found him in the doorway a minute past midnight. She left the dance to look for him, and when she found him, she knelt beside him and said, "Andy, it's me, Laura." He did not answer her. She backed away from him, tears springing into her eyes, and the she ran from the alley. She did not stop running until she found a cop.
Conclusion: And now, standing with the cop, she looked down at him. The cop rose and said, He's dead." All the crying was out for her now. She stood in the rain and said nothing, looking at the purple jacket that rested a foot away from his body.
Setting: It was March and he was laying in the sidewalk bleeding. It was 11:13 p.m. but he did not know the time.
Character: Andy- He was sixteen years old, and he wore a bright purple jacket, and lettering across the back of the jacket read THE ROYALS.
character vs. self- he wondered about the meaning. If he died, he was Andy. He was not a Royal.
character vs. character: " That's for you, Royal"
Theme: "Don't judge others until you know their story or who they are."
Symbolism: It seemed very important to him that he take off the purple jacket.
1. People who find Andy in alley didn't help him because of the purple jacket symbolizes that he is a ROYAL!
2. The major symbol in this story is purple jacket. It symbolizes that he is part of the gang and being one of the Royal. It seemed very important to him that he take off the purple jacket.

3. The setting of the story contribute to the atmosphere because the setting takes place in the dark alley. It is frightening because people passed him and no one helped him. It is sad too when Andy asked for helped but they found out that he is a Royal.
4. Andy is a dynamic character because he was a Royal at first but then after what happened to him he thought that if he take off the jacket he will be Andy. If he never did another thing, he wanted to take off the jacket. The jacket had only one meaning now, and that was a very simple meaning.
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