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SW presentatsioon

No description

Tanel Jappinen

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of SW presentatsioon

10-day selection process

Final interview
Pre-summer training on campus Next steps: Why parents buy?
Gets kids excited about learning
Helps to get the grades up
Saves time with homework
Helps parents to help kids

+ they like the student dealers :) Homework study guides
6 books
Grades 1-12
30+ subjects Work in teams About Southwestern A publishing company located
in Nashville, Tennessee

Founded in 1855

Summer program since 1868 What we look for in applicants: Hard workers

Being coachable


Proven track record
of high performance

Commitment to
finish what you start How the money works Interns make 40% profit on each sale Learn to sell Our interns learn how to:
make a great first impression
read people
tailor questions
be a good listener
motivate people Improving CV Work experience in:
Big Corporation
In English

Training & Practice in:

Management experience as a student

Career Opportunity CHALLENGES How we work? Financial Opportunity 1st summer average: $6,167
5 year Plan for Excellence: $108, 779 Student sales and leadership program since 1868
40,000+ applications last year -
3000 students selected from 400 universities around the world.
Students from Europe since 1987
From Baltics since 2000 SW Summer Internship Challenge &
Personal Growth Push yourself to a higher level
Develop life skills:
Public-speaking „Sisemine võit“ 4 days = €1200 + VAT
„Võiduka meeskonna juhtimine“ 3 days = €1000 + VAT
„Nõuandlik müük“ 3 days = €650 + VAT Students get a mentor

Weekly trainings in home country

Sales school – 5 days

FREE! Training ADVANTAGES www.southwestern.com Kristin made gross profit of $11,100

Airis made gross profit of $10,200

Helari made gross profit of $8,800

Karl-Gustav made gross profit of $8,600 Social network 2000+ alumni in Baltics FUN Jaanika made gross profit of $8,600

Tarmo made gross profit of $5,400

Alise made gross profit of $3,500

Märten made gross profit of $2,700 1st summer gross profits http://www.naceweb.org/so12082010/college_skills/ "If I'm hiring someone...and they come in here having sold books for a couple of summers with Southwestern, I know they know how to sell. That's a huge plus on a CV."
-Dave Ramsey “Spend a year learning to sell. Even if you earn nothing your communication skills will improve. And that is priceless.”
-Peep Vain Requires self-discipline
Not glamorous Follow up meeting (to get your questions answered)
Selection process
Money and visa details
Summer dates, work day and selling style "Osalesin Southwesterni programmis kaks aastat. Ettevõtjana hindan Southwesterni programmis õpitust kõige rohkem müügi- ja värbamisoskust. Samuti võimalust seestpoolt näha, kuidas üks väga efektiivne ülemaailmne firma töötab. See on olnud abiks oma ettevõtete suuremaks ja rahvusvahelisemaks kasvatamisel. Soovitan Southwesterni programmi tudengile, kel on lisaks õppimishimule ka veidi seiklus- ja reisihimu.
Kui "täiskasvanud" maksavad sarnaste seikluste - olgu see siis mägiekspeditsioon, suusareis või safari - eest tuhandeid eurosid nädalas, siis Southwesterni raames saab kolmekuulise ekspeditsiooni koos mõnusa seltskonnaga niimoodi, et tulles on rohkem raha kui minnes."
-Rain Rannu
(ettevõtja, Fortumo ja Mobi asutaja)
Eesti Ettevõtluse Auhinna 2011 peavõitja
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