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(0411) Change My Life - Harvard China Hope

A life-changing surgery can happen within 3 hours, let us make it happen

Liying Shen

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of (0411) Change My Life - Harvard China Hope

My Questions
Change My Life
Harvard China Hope

1.How to build capacity and empower participants to raise the money?

2. How to raise money when this project/group is not an offical organiztion
Make a difference to
at a time

I am organizing Harvard Chinese students to create “Change My Life—China Hope” group to change the lives of medically fragile orphaned children in China by building 8 person leadership team, hosting a medical trip to China, a public speaking workshop and a bike ride fund-raiser activity, to raise funds for one surgery and therefore change one orphans’ lives. By April 30th, we expect to raise 2000 dollars.
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Fundational Challenge
1. Leadership Team Building (Feb)
One on one talk ( More than 15 people), find the leaders in HSPH-HCSSA, leaders in other Chinese groups,word of mouth to spread out the words

2. identify them by one on one, inviting them to the group meeting by hosting dinner at my house(Feb 26th).
Reflection: Food is always the best strategy, learn how to cook!

3. At the end of March, 7 leaders identified and committed to take the resposibility in different teams. 20 members have been recruited into my team, 3 members have been identified to go directly to China to experience the surgical mission.
Strategic Challenge -- it changes all the time
Oranizing a project = climbing up a mountain
I like climbing up mountains, and I climbed this Mountain in 2010, near Tibet.

Mountain Climbing involves
heart -- your resolution to get to the peak,
head -- "where is the route"
hand -- "walk now"

There is no shortcut!!! Challenge goes on and on !!!
1. Yang Yang was born in Tianjin with myelomeningocele and was abandoned to an orphanage. He also had an imperforate anus and a perineal urethra. Nothing is known about his parents but we assume that the myelomeningocele was overwhelming and he was left in the care of others because the burden of his illness would likely overwhelm his family, spiritually and financially. -- Quote from Eric Lazzar
2. Spina bifida, imperforate anus - defecate, perineal urethra
3. Starting 2008, he became our patient. Eric performed the colostomy surgeries year by year, During these years, we provided Yangyang with ostomy supplies .
Yangyang's Surgical Journey
Yang Yang inspired all of us

2012, his surgical treament was completely finished
"Now he can proudly control most of all elements of his body well. He is becoming an incredibly perfect man!"
"My wife Julie and I find that Yang Yang has
a brand new and very useful "anus
" ever in his life. I think that it's a quite first time for Yangyang having it finally since after several operations in his life. These days I used to think that how our anus is so important, though we never feel grateful for it". -- foster father
It is hard to talk about this because people find this off-putting being the hind end and all but I really feel that we did something here—something lasting and wonderful.
It doesn’t make for pretty pictures or the heroism that our cardiac colleagues seem to easily portray in movies but I know there is a happy kid that we made s
o…. Eric (Surgeon)
1st Meeting, Feb 26th
March 9th
March 10th - March 25th Surgical Volunteers
Public Speaking Workshp
In 2007, there were at least
17 million
children aged 0-17 that were orphans in China.
More than half
have different kinds of birth defects.
2.Most families who visited the orphanage gave up the idea of adopting a disabled child due to the high medical expense and intensive care involved.
3. Surgery and medical treatment are
for them to be adopted and have a better life.
4. Less than half of orphans received medical treatment provided by the government.
I believe in the supreme worth of the individual and his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I did not say this, and you can not believe this until your experiences enlightened you.

Who I am? 2nd Child in my family, semi-fostering
How did the one child policy have an infuence on my family and me?
What is love... doubting the idea of love...
... behaving well to receive attention...
Doubt about my parents... feeling thankful...
Lessons learnt from Yangyang
Truth to be told
imperforate anus
and a
perineal urethra
and was abandoned to an orphanage,
till age 3 to be fosterd.
2. His foster father Andrew: "He cried without end and seemed in agony". He then looked in his diaper and found "an open patulous sore with bleeding and stool as if he had never been cleaned or had a changed diaper. He was not able to walk and have fun when he first came to my family". -- quote from Andrew's letter.
3. In the recovery room, he told me his dream...
4. Sincere thankfulness comes from the bottom of the heart
5. I should be thankful, my mum gave me life, she was so brave to give birth to me-- but we always take this for granted. (healthy body)
Lesson Learnt From Yang yang
life is the most precious thing in the world
They helped me !
To love is to give
Always be thankful of what you have and do what you can to help others. This gives you much more joy and meaning of your life
Every contribution counts!!!
Physical and Mental Challenges
Plastic Surgeries
General and Uro
When a baby is in a life-threatening situation
the hierarchy and procedure would hinder the surgery
Peng Cheng : bilateral Hernia, mulnourished,
Kidney problem
What issues exist for international NGOs
mosaicism: A condition in which tissues of genetically different types occur in the same organ. (both male/ female tissues )
Chromosome Test / Ultra Sound
Transgender vs Corrective Surgeries (sexual organs)
How does the local government deal with mosaic kids?
Liu Shun: both parents are in jail
1. To provide direct medical treatment help to the under-served population by providing direct financial help and volunteering help. Lifelong engagement and dedication to community service and volunteering services in China.
2. To strengthen Harvard - Chinese medical capacity, enriching partnership and networks among Chinese hospitals, medical schools and communities with Harvard medical resources and students.
3. To promote the value of life, humanity, love and care through actions of overseas students by meeting challenges that are unequal medical resources. With our strong partnership with Chinese media and creativity in social networking, we are enlightening and empowering Chinese young generation to take actions in building a more equal and care China.
You are welcome to join us

let's embark on the journey
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