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The Age of Absolutism - Chapter Overview

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John Reifsnyder

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of The Age of Absolutism - Chapter Overview

Europe: 1700s:
Powerful European Monarchs build strong nation-states
Most rulers hold absolute power

Setting the Scene - Spain (1500-1700)
Monarchs gain power
Royal armies (replace noble armies)
Expand empire (new land)
Expand government
Foundations for Today's Europe
Charles V (1500-1558)
Philip II (1527-1598)
Charles V:
Age 16 - King of Spain
Age 19 - Holy Roman Emperor
Devout Catholic
Battles of his reign:
With France (control of Italy)
With Ottoman Turks (control of Austria)
Retires in 1556
Leaves majority of Empire to Son (Philip II)
Philip II:
Age 29 - King of Spain
Absolute Monarch (total control - government and people)
Lack of trust
Mission = restore unity in Catholic Church
Setting the Scene - France (Late 1600s)
King Louis XIV (14th)
Absolute Monarch
Most powerful ruler in Europe
Religious wars
Henry IV (1553-1610)
Louis XIII (1601-1643)
Louis XIV (1638-1715)

King Louis XIV:
The Sun King
Age 5 (Father King Louis XIII is assassinated) - Mother rules (Anne)
Age 23 - announces his rule
Rule by divine right
Appoints Royal Agents:
Rule provinces (taxes, recruit soldiers)
War for 30 years out of 54 year reign
The Age of Absolutism: Chapter 17 Overview
Setting the Scene - England (1600-1700)
Limited Monarchy
People's Rights:
Democratic form of government
King James I
King Charles I
King James I (1566-1625):
Scholar (King James Bible)
Rule by Divine Right
Parliament deals with three issue:
Foreign Policy
King Charles I (1600-1649):
Age 25 - Inherits the throne
Believes in Divine Right
Dissolves Parliament (Parliament won't give $)
Appoints unpopular officials
English Civil War (1642-1649)

Closer Look at European Kings:
King Philip II (Spain)
King Louis XIV (France)
King Charles I (England)
Complete the timelines posted on the eBoard under the Unit 4 Tab (there are three)
Make sure you follow the directions given.
You need:
One quote
Three events
Three facts about the events
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