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The House of the Scorpion: Chapter 7

No description

Klair Thomas

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of The House of the Scorpion: Chapter 7

Main character- Matt
Three Important Quotes:
Quote 1: ""I think you can talk if you want to," she went on. "Everyone says you're too stupid, but I don't believe it. Please, Matt," she wheeled." pg.69
This is important to the story because Maria wants Matt to talk, but Matt does not want to. Maria has to go back to school and has to leave Matt behind. Maria just wants Matt to talk before she goes.
Quote 2: "Matt suddenly snapped. "I'm not a good boy!" he screamed. "I'm a bad clone! And I hate counting and I hate you!" He grabbed Teachers carefully arranged apples and hurled them every which way." pg.73
This quote is important to the story because Matt "snaps" and gets mad at the teacher and starts talking. Matt gets mad at the teacher because she makes him count things over and over and over again.
Quote 3: ""I mean, you really can talk?" "I can, I can, I can!" Matt sang. "Wonderful. I was going bonkers with counting beads. The poor thing- it was all she knew how to do."" pg.74
This quote is important because is talking and is very happy. Tam Lin makes sure Matt is still talking after he takes the teacher away. Also Tam Lin says he was going "bonkers" because of the teacher.
How the article connected to the book:
Matt is portrayed as the main character through out the story and in the chapter he is the main character. The read likes Matt because he nice (most of the time) because he is an over all good character.
The Role:
The role Matt plays in the book is that he is the clone that is smart and not dumb. He has not really helped the reader learn anything new. Matt is the opposite of Tom. He is the opposite of Tom because he does not get along well with him and they do not agree with the same things.
The article is connected to the book by how the scientist are making clones from human DNA and the DNA is matching completely.
That's the end of our prezi of chapter 7 in The House of the Scorpion!
Connection to the real world:
Scientists for the first time have cloned cells from two adults to create early-stage embryos, and then derived tissue from those embryos that perfectly matched the DNA of the donors.The creation of the first early-stage human clones, using infant and fetal cells rather than those from adults, was reported last year. The new experiment, with a few tweaks, confirms that striking and controversial breakthrough and also shows the technique works on mature cells. http://online.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303626804579507593658361428
The House of the Scorpion: Chapter 7
By, Klair and Bailey
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