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all abaut me

No description

Dashiel Brinckman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of all abaut me

This is what I think of me. Tell me if you think
I am right at the
end of my prezi . My chattyness I find myself to be chatty. I guess that I have a lot of opinions - whenever I hear people having a conversation I get a pain in my chest if I don't say anything. I feel like my opinions need to be heard. Sometimes there is a downside. If someone talks during class I often will add a comment, even if I know I will get in trouble. For example the other day, in math class, I heard some people talking about the latest teeny bop, a boy band called One Direction. This may sound like jealousy and I guess it sort of was (but is only because of their fame) not to be rude but they are completely talentless. So I spoke out and made absolutely fair and true remark on how they dress like women. And rightly so Mr.H. said that I should not be speaking out in class. I think that in the future I should not speak so much in class. A good sense of humor I think of myself as a funny person. It is a goal of mine to be a professional comedian - part time of course. Sometimes I will use physical humor to make people laugh. You know - run into walls - fall down on purpose - that sort of thing. I also like a good joke. "Do you know why I keep my sunglasses in the freezer? Because I want cool shades" - ha ha ha. One day in gym class I was telling Toma to smell my gym shirt and winking at him and all just to make him laugh. In conclusion I am the funniest person in the world other then Louis CK. Me and movies My favorite past time is watching movies. I know that this may not sound like much of a hobby but if you think about it I hope you find that it is. I watch a lot of movies, between one and two a day. I know that may sound silly and like a bit of a wast of time but I think watching movies is an art. Its one thing to watch a lot of movies, any one can do that but what is really hard is to watch a lot of good movies. In my opinion for movie watching to be considered an art you must spread out the genres. You can watch comedies, every day if you want, but do that and you bored out of your mind in less then a year. Many people think that only the movies that have been in theaters worth watching. I disagree - there are many good under advertised movies out there - just waiting to be found. I'm sure most people here have heard the term 'don't judge a book by its cover'. I have a similar saying it is 'don't judge a book by the first five minutes'. Of course this saying only applies to films. Lots of people will start watching a flick and if there isn't a car chase in the first ten seconds they will stop. I like to pretend that my best friend made the movie and if I stop watching I will hurt his or her feelings. In conclusion I watch a lot of bad, long movies. all about me A prezi by Dashiel Brinckman Luis C.K. my favorite movie A movie that
I soon
plan to watch: MAN ON THE MOON Pretty cool, huh? December 14 0001 Hours :D ME Or maybe it's a clone!
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