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Roanoke River Basin

No description

Luke Johnson

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Roanoke River Basin

Roanoke River Basin 2,414 stream miles
3,493 square miles
60% of the Roanoke lies in Virginia Bottomland hardwood swamp forest of the Roanoke contributes manufacturing of timber
Not many resources used from the Roanoke Basin
Many state parks are located on the basin Roanoke River Basin is in portions of 17 North Carolina Counties
Roanoke River Basin carries more water and has the widest flood plain of any other NC river basin.
Extends from from North Central NC, almost to the NC coast.
10 sub basins in the Roanoke River. 61.5% forested,17%, cultivated land, 6.1% urban, 3.9% pasture, 2.1% uncultivated land and 8.5% other

Sedimentation in the basin is caused by agriculture, forestry and construction has caused degraded water habitat quality
Threats of pollution and sedimentation have caused problems
Demand for water and habitat destruction of the basin have also caused problems.
By Luke Johnson References
www.roanokeriverpartners.org/Basin Major tributaries; Dan River, Mayo River, Smith River, Country Line Creek, Hyco Creek and Cashie River 11 Major Reservoirs West of the Suffolk Scarp, elevations range while east of the Suffolk Scarp is between usually between 15-20 feet above sea water. Located in the Northeast part of North Carolina 87% of the basin is above Roanoke Rapids Dam, 13% below Roanoke Rapids Dam
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