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Copy of Copy of Family-School-Community Partnership Proposal

No description

Michael Garza

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Family-School-Community Partnership Proposal

Who and What We Need From the Audience.......... Michael Garza Benefits For Student Achievemnt Proposed Activities/Strategies Data-Evidenced Student Need Family-School-Community
Partnership How I have been recruiting
Participants: The Maverick Reconnect Project
EDLD 5326 ATTENDANCE: implement evidence based strategies to reduce excused/unexcused absences Special Events for students, families, and communities data from the last two years that exhibits passing rates directly correlated with attendance FAMILIES Community School Family Parents Grandparents Relatives teachers administrators H.E.B Local Businesses at risk students Lamar University Graduate School March 24, 2013 Fliers
Personal conversations Proposed Process for Planning & Implementation Resources : resume writing ADD/ADHD Identifying students with high absences conferences with students assign a mentor who will supervise student traunt log evaluations provided by court affliates Incentives Open House at
end of year traunt log for monitoring students & provides assessment/performance Ultimate Goal More family involvement in their children's education extending and supporting at home learning Leads to more successful
students in and out
of the classroom STAKEHOLDERS Best Practices Pearsall High School counselors Wal-Mart at risk students will complete community service hours with local business stake holders ATTACHMENT: positive connections among schools, communities, families, also creates a welcoming school climate, family/community engagement and student focused programs. ACHIEVEMENT: ensuring that students have tools, credits and resources to complete courses and graduate from high school. Instrctional/curricular innovations Professional Development for
educators and program providers student partnerships with community organizations support volunteering
at school provide transportation to
and from school/work BUSINESSES Informal/Formal
Observations Work
Schedule Sign In Sheets
Attendance Logs Positive reinforcement
and celebrate student achievement SCHOOL Re-engage/Reconnect students
to positive successful experiences Provide and keep track of daily traunt logs and reports
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