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What is Science?

Harrison Rahm and Daniel Tarverdians' "What is Science" prezi.

Harrison R

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of What is Science?

What is Science Science Is... Observing the stars Studying the ocean Learning something new Science Gave Us... Cell phones Computers Electricity Scientists look like... Crazy old people... In a bunch of gear Scientists work... HERE Anywhere discovery is Scientists can be found in these jobs... Astronaut Musician Police Officer Studying the Earth Discovering something you don't know Observing plants Observing animals Reading nonfiction Studying fossils Learning Science is observing and learning about anything and everything in the world around us. Anything from finding fossils, studying planets, to inventing new technology. There are hundreds of kinds of science. (Daniel Tarverdians) And that is what science is! I believe science is discovering something new. So without science, we wouldn't have anything. It is important for finding out something that we need to know. (Harrison Rahm)
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