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How to Develop a Social Media Plan to Achieve your Strategic Goals: Objectives, Tactics and Success Measures

Conservation Halton | August 2012

Conservation Halton

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of How to Develop a Social Media Plan to Achieve your Strategic Goals: Objectives, Tactics and Success Measures

Why Social Media? Up-to-date, up-to-the-minute Interactions across platforms Twitter Facebook Blogs tumblr LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Foursquare At work At home Mobile device Tablets How to Develop a Social Media Plan to Achieve your Strategic Goals: Objectives, Tactics and Success Measures We'll discuss: Why Social Media? Social Media as a Business Tool Community Management Case Study: Conservation Halton Social Media is about building relationships with your audience Social media is the tool, social engagement is the purpose Social Media is not a fad Twitter doesn't sleep. Facebook doesn't take a day off. Facebook has 900 million active users Opportunity to utilize engaging subject-matter experts Social media establishes credibility and currency Facebook has 900 million active users globally Twitter has 100 million active users LinkedIn has over 64 million users in North America Avg Facebook user has 130 friends + 'Likes' 80 pages Each week 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook 55% of Twitter users access via mobile devices 30% of businesses are not tracking these stats Social Media as a Business Tool Create a vibrant online community Social media is the quickest way between you and a consumer and vice versa A successful brand always has a parallel stream of internal engagement show off your wins - let people know about you in more ways than your advertising Know your audience Varying forms of "reporting," strengthens internal communications and buy-in Does SIZE matter? N pe. If the quality of content is poor and one-sided, you will not get the interaction you desire regardless of follower count Followers led by a gimmick will go. Foster relationships with those who champion your cause. Only a % will sign your pledge, promote your cause or respond to a call-to-action CH corporate website had 31,589 visits Oct-Nov 2012 CH Facebook page had 63,443 impressions That's leveraging views off 1,850 Facebook fans Thousands of people have made the active decision to get social with your brand Being social doesn't mean you can't... Community Management Push e-commerce Newsletter sign-up Subscriptions Pledges
Even direct traffic to your corporate website Recruit future employees and volunteers Launch products Promo events Crowdsource Explore areas for improvement Show off wins and successes "What if they say something bad about us?" They will. And you'll be fine. Fear of negativity keeps many off social media Fear also drives revoking or limiting employee access/involvement with social media Make sure your crisis communications plan includes a social media strategy CH pilot program for the Mountsberg Raptor Centre Sole publisher - Raptor Centre Lead Facebook Fan Page and auto-feed Twitter updates 2010 Hired a dedicated Social Media Writer Examined best practices from brands/orgs/other CAs Relied on existing HR policies Started an official Twitter page + secured the Twitter handles for other potential sub-brands Drafted a policy that focuses on existing company values in an online realm Via Facebook search, discovered a popular unofficial Facebook fan page for the Glen Eden Terrain Park Great content was being shared + active conversation Contact the author (a park employee) and after consultation with their direct manager, determined to make the page official 2010 2011 Capitalized on the existing following - to this day a very highly engaged page 2011 Empowered contributing staff with training and policy education Created two more Facebook and Twitter pages (Halton Parks and Glen Eden) Two vastly different audiences with vastly different content Content is not auto-fed into other streams (i.e. what we Tweet does not get published on Facebook automatically) Determined not to have individual personas online but instead portray a single, unified brand voice Maintain flexibility within a very defined framework Platforms now include: 2012 Facebook
Wordpress Blog
Flickr CH Facebook properties have 7,633 'Likes' combined CH Twitter properties have 3,302 followers combined Combined with other social networks, more than 10,000 individuals have made the active decision to engage with our brand Not all parts of your business need a social media component Risk avoidance: remember, social media policies protect the brand, the employee and the community member De-escalate conflict. Take conversations offline Adoption Listening Engagement Connect with Conservation Halton www.facebook.com/conservationhalton /CHGlenEden
/HaltonParks @CH_Comm
@HaltonParks http://focusonconservation.wordpress.com http://www.linkedin.com/company/conservation-halton Messenger Hassaan Basit, Director Communications
Wednesday, November 28th 2012
Toronto, Ontario Pilot Publisher Twitter: LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/hbasit @sci_comms Hassaan Basit M.Sc., B.Sc.
Director, Communications Services hbasit@hrca.on.ca (905) 336-1158 x270 To view this presentation: http://tinyurl.com/SoMeCH presentation created by Rafay Agha Conservation Halton Case Study 2013 Moving towards content marketing More videos, blogs, podcasts, photostreams, inforgraphics, vlogs Continue to analyze and utilize analytical data to better inform e-comm and online ad-buys Evolve alongside emerging technologies and leverage existing ones Foster relations with bloggers/influencers on Twitter/Facebook/blogosphere to gain greater PR It's not all bad! 5 Stages of our Social Media process: 1. Pilot
2. Adoption stage
2. Listening stage
3. Engagement stage
4. Publishing stage "Sorry to hear about that, pass along your email and we'll work on getting this sorted for you."
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